Kali Linux Full Course in One Video | Full Tutorial for Beginners to Expert [Hindi]

Kali Linux Full Course in One Video | Full Tutorial for Beginners to Expert [Hindi]

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Time Stamp :-
00:00 :- Beginning & Introduction of the Course
03:49 :- Topics we are going to cover in the video
08:22 :- Basic Introduction to KALI LINUX
25:41 :- Downloading & Installing of Kali Linux
36:25 :- Understanding kali Linux interface
51:35 :- Basic commands and operations
01:34:11 :- Directory tree hierarchy in Linux
01:48:00 :- Types of users & groups in kali Linux
02:09:39 :- Files permissions and users groups
02:20:06 :- How to install packages in Linux (Incl. 5)
02:33:26 :- Trying phishing (Zphisher) in kali Linux
02:44:40 :- Trying Data hiding (Steghide) in kali Linux
02:50:56 :- Trying keylogger (Simplelogger) in kali Linux
02:59:25 :- Trying NMAP (Network mapper) in kali Linux
03:10:57 :- Bash Scripting or Shell Scripting Basics
03:24:20 :- Creating a CLI Calculator using Shell Scripting
03:53:13 :- Happy ending of Kali Linux Course šŸ™‚
03:54:14 :- All Commands list used in the Video (NOTES)

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