JavaScript Data Types Tutorial in Hindi / Urdu

In this tutorial you will learn about javascript data types in Hindi, Urdu.You can learn different data types like string, number, boolean, array, object , undefined which are used for javascript.

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  1. this teacher is gold , love from pakistan , but i have a request , please try providing pdf notes of your every series it will gold + gold

  2. Best==> JavaScript channel bhai maxa agya…
    2month sy prshn tha javascript smj ni arhi thi… W3s sy b follow kia but …paid class jesa maza arha.. More than i really expect ….live long

  3. sir , nice video but there is a doubt
    null value assignment krte hai to data type object hoga through typeof function I echoed it

  4. Hello sir,
    I Iove your tutorials you deserve 1000000000000000000000000000⁹⁹ millions subscribers and views . I want heart like and big reply not only thanks and welcome from you sir please 🤗❤🙈 i am waiting for my wish i hope you will complete and also tell me how is my english . Pleaseeeee and sir my age is onlu 13 and i have done c, c++,python html and css ,bootstrap,php, mysql, wordpress and now i am doing js. From your video i have done php mysql and now i am doing js i like your teaching way sir im your big fan 😊🥰🤗😔 please reply siiiirrrrr please

  5. Hello sir ,
    The most important talk is that you teach us basic.
    I am learning from your video sir mustly basic sir
    Thank you sir .

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