How to Update Records in Database in C# Visual Studio | Edit / Update Data in Sql Server Using C#

How to Update Records in the Database in c# visual studio
You can update Records in a database using C# by modifying member values of the objects associated with the qery to SQL Server Table collection and then submitting the changes to the database. SQL Server using c# translates your changes into the appropriate SQL UPDATE commands.

In this lecture we have discussed about How to update / edit and save records of SQL Server Database using C# programming language. This tutorial is divided into two lectures (part 1 & part 2). In this part 1, we have simply updated sql table rows. While in part 2, we have used a new fetch button to extract full information using ID and Insert datagridview data to database C# / c# update database from datagridview.
The tutorial is simply divided in 6 easy steps.

How To Update data in SQL database using C#

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