PopOS is SPECIAL, and I'm moving to it, here's why!

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  1. Iv jump around so much between Ubuntu mint, fedora.. with pop it's just work.
    It's install on my work laptop and super stable! Can't see myself going back to anything else.
    Great work system76

  2. My issue battery life. Gnome and in yurn Pop os eats my battery. So i have been sticking with Kubuntu. Amazing battery life. Laptop stays cool and fan rarely turns on. On pop the fans is on almost all the time and the laptop stays warm.

  3. Thank you for the another awesome video! And how is gaming performance on PoPOS compared to other distros?Does it require less tinkering for Wine/Lutris or more?

  4. Excellent guide as soon I get my upgrade this Holiday season I will be flipping over to Pop OS gonna be upgrading to a i5 12600k and a 6800 xt. 🙂

  5. Hey could you do a tutorial on how to get Windows 10 style touchpad gestures on a few of these distributions? For eg Ubuntu (on wayland), Linux Mint etc…. The drastic reduction in touchpad usability is my main gripe :/ and probably for many new users coming from windows

  6. 99% of my Gnome issues comes from Gnome shell and especially Gnome extensions. Disabling Gnome extensions is a huge quality of life improvement.

    If Pop!_OS indeed switches completely to their own shell written in rust then it would do away with all the memory leak issues with Gnome shell. I hope Gnome team would pick it up too as I have no intention of changing from Arch Linux + Gnome to Pop!_OS but I'm glad it exists.

  7. Still not a "fan". Mint Mate is magnitudes better, easy to network, easy to install software on without breaking, runs like a stripe-assed ape on even an i5 2500 and an i7 640m. And, that name… well, that name has to go.

  8. Do you know of any scripts I can use on the steam deck for the hack rf one I would like to do rf security thank you for your time

  9. One of the few times I actually looked up the sponsor and gave the product a try. Port Master is dope and I then got SPN and its not bad at all. The SPN could use some tuning for performance but over all great. Left a comment on their channel letting them know I tried their stuff because of you, its the little things that help

  10. The only problem with that distro is when you migrate from another. Installation can be a little bit complicated. But after installation you will never ever want to return to your previous distros. I love it! Beautiful, no glitches, very stable and very well optimised!

  11. I was haunted by nvidia driver on manjaro even though manjaro has great support, sometimes you just want a simple stable experience and dont want to sit for hours debugging your laptop… i switched to pop os out of frustration and i am loving the stable experience so far. although application menu and few related component looks like shit in pop os

  12. I like Pop!_OS, especially the workflow of the Cosmic desktop. Four fingers swiping to switch workspaces, open application menu, workspaces overview, etc. is really handy. I did get a nasty issue where Pipewire went haywire and I lost all sound after a reboot (Have no clue what caused the issue). I will give credit to System76 they have a really good guide on their site that goes over how to fix issues with the audio on their site and I had the problem fixed quickly.

  13. I've been using Ubuntu for quite a long while now and I feel like moving to a different distro so, after hearing your thoughts on PopOS, I've decided to give it a go and I can't wait to explore everything it has to offer. Thank you for the wonderful review, you've definitely gotten a new subscriber. Stay well and keep up with the great content.

  14. I had a lot of recommendations to use Pop!OS, but when I tried it, I hated the gnomeyness of it, the dock, the tiling windows and dismissed it as aimed too much at beginners.
    After problems with other systems (mostly Proton/ Virtualbox compatibility issues) I came back to it and tried it, having installed XFCE. I am now really happy with the result. My biggest gripe was that grub was installed without multi-boot enabled, which wouldn't be such an issue if it had warned me, or given me the option. When I found my system only booting into a bare install of Pop, cutting off my active system and Windows (for games) I had a terrible dread that it had done something really destructive, which doesn't go away anytime soon!

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