Amber Heard Faces $15M Court Battle Over Legal Bill in Depp Defamation Trial

Amber Heard is facing a legal battle with two insurance companies over her estimated $15 million in legal expenses from her …


  1. A psychotic, pathological liar is what that is. Her very presence and voice makes my skin crawl. Sorry, can’t and won’t watch this video.

  2. She is crazy-evil nothing good can come from that sooner o later she will have to pay the consequences and the world will see …

  3. He balled up his fist, leaned back and head butt me square on the nose 😂….. 10 seconds in and her story is already all over the place

  4. Why are we still watching her, she is no longer relevant, old news with old photos and film of her hanging off johnnys arm. She is done and we don’t care any more

  5. It's a sick addiction I know. I'm despicable for rewatching her trial and watching constant new clips made regarding it and the aftermath of her lies and deceit.
    In every instance, she gets away with things.

  6. All I can think of is the mountain of evidence she claims she couldn't submit in the court…. well, there's also more SUPPORTIVE evidence for Johnny's case that STILL demolishes hers. She's got nothing. Johnny has the fact that Amber's OWN MOTHER was AFRAID of her. There's so much more but the truth bled through even still.

  7. She is a proven borderliner with obsessive emotions and even psychopathic / highly manipulative tendencies. And that's not from me but the analysis that Dr. Curry conducted on her. We all heard the tapes when Amber was laughing at Johnny and belittling him, especially in situations where he was desperate and asking her to leave him alone. And the video where she recorded him and made him so mad on purpose that he was smashing cabinets in the kitchen, to make him look "violent" later. She is ruthless. Failed to ruin his reputation, so now it's her last card against him using her lawyers to get the money. She shouldn't be allowed to receive a single cent from Johnny!

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