What is a Bunnyhop Script and what is LEGAL? CS:GO OVERWATCH!

Why is a BHop Script not allowed when a Jumpthrow script is? http://www.twitter.com/ramla777 Want to help support my videos in …


  1. Thats a bunny hop hack btw. There is a difference between a script and a hack. I have been using a script for 3 years haven't been banned yet.

  2. Why is this guys script soo obvious! I use scroll wheel and i know u need to go to side to side but u didnt hear that from me 😉

  3. bhoping is NOT a legend told by people ok, it is still possible i would know. people can still bhop even today, not every person that bhops is scripting 1:39 not trying to hate i am just a little annoyed by people that thanks that bhoping is impossible

  4. the most sure fire way to tell if someone's hops are legit, is to analyze their strafes. anyone who can consistently hit jumps, will also eventually miss a hop, just because of the games nature (yes there is a difference between a jump and a hop). a legitimate bhopper will have incredibly clean and smooth strafes, and will usually not end his jumps intentionally if not peeking something, he will end them once he misses a hop. Clarification: a JUMP is a jump, timed correctly after hitting the ground. a HOP is a jump, that is recognized by the game as a Bhop, and will continue your momentum. just because you hit your jump, does not mean you will hit your hop 🙂

  5. hes not bunnyhop scripting_ bhop script is like mouse weel just maby twice as fast, thats a hack(it edits memorie so he hits every hop

  6. I'm always slightly worried to bhop because if my bhoppin is on point I might get a VACation, cuz some kid will think I'm scripting.. I hope more people learn how to spot scripts vs legit so I don't have to worry bout that

  7. That is not bhop script, that is bhop hack because he hits jump everytime, with script you can jump but you won't get speed on every jump.

  8. If you got a title like this I'd not do a full overwatch. Just some gameplay and discuss the topic about bhop script (and show an example), and also fully discuss what is legal or not. 🙂 nice vid though have a nice day

  9. so if i have a macro to auto jump for me that is same as scripting ? … i am really new to csgo and was thinking that it would be a good idea to learn to hop but i know there is no way i will ever be able to do it just useing my space bar …. would suck to get a ban from just useing a macro so if some one could clarify for me or send me in the correct direction to find out i would very much appreciate it

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  11. Always keep your nice Intro dude! It is damn relaxing and fits perfectly to your calm way of talking. Thumbs up, keep on rolling!

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