Interview with Senior JS Developer in 2022

Javascript programming language Interview with a Javascript developer in 2022 with Jack Borrough – aired on 穢 2022 The …


  1. best and most hilarious parts of video 0:21, 0:25, 0:37, 0:46, 1:26, 2:11(this months xD), 2:32(sometimes it doesn't transpile, we usually rewrite our code base now *say it casually*), 3:01, 3:07(npm bad but npm good/ major version breaks our code and our code breaks minor versions xD), 3:47(Our code is gonna blow up someday xD), 3:58 (whatever js), 4:36(file for bankruptcy/explains the shit that code goes through just to avoid using jquery)
    pretty much the whole video.

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