Introduction to JavaScript (Hindi)

Here’s Introduction to JavaScript What is JavaScript ? JavaScript is the programming language of HTML and the Web. It makes …


  1. Write a JavaScript code to input a purchase amount and calculate the discount and net amount based on the following criteria:
    Net Amount= Purchase Amount- Discount.
    Make use of the if…. else statement.
    Purchase Amount- <=5000 Discount 2%
    Purchase Amount- >5000 and <= 10000 Discount 5%
    Purchase Amount – >10000 Discount 8%

  2. hi muje aap se aek help chahiye muje js may aek task diyajaya ki read(parse)excel file using js can u pls make a video on it its very helpful to me

  3. sir are u going to create a new latest playlist(like for 2021) for JavaScript or this is the final playlist for longer ?

  4. JavaScript is a subset of ECMAScript. JavaScript is basically ECMAScript at its core but builds upon it. As you said, javascript name changes into echmascript, which is totally wrong.

  5. Hi How to handle weekend to be -push back to friday
    The weekend can’t be a repayment day, so it should show First Repayment Day Option as Friday. For example, if user select repayment day as 16th Dec 2018,

    which is Sunday, it will push you back and show first repayment day as 14th Dec 2018

  6. Hi sir, I follow your tutorial and I like to learn your learning process. But I have one question,
    Sir ham log aise YouTube se tutorial follow karke kaise koi acche platform main job par sakte hain sir, aap freelancing chhoriya , koi bhi company mein jao to vah to certificate puchega Jo hamare pass hai nahin , so tell me something about this matter?
    #Per yah baat bhi sacchi hai ka institute se bhi jyada acche Your tutorial

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