Frontend Web Development Bootcamp Course (JavaScript, HTML, CSS)

Learn JavaScript, HTML, and CSS in this Frontend Web Development course. In this massive course, you will go from no coding …


  1. Hope everyone enjoys the course as much as I enjoyed making it! Big thanks to FCC for being an awesome resource for those trying to advance their knowledge and careers. I learned a TON from FCC when I was starting and feels great to be able to give back years later!

  2. Thank you so much for this opportunity, Im struggling because i dont know what to do and i dont have a job, and i said to myself i want to become a wed developer i just want to focus and courage to do it.. Thanks again, I'll be back in this video and comment again one day if I succeed and i know i can do it.
    God bless!

  3. As a complete Beginner I would like to start learning JS but there are a few tutorials on Freecodecamp about that, so I don't know which one to pick. I've recently seen this tutorial and looks interesting, Can it be a good choice to start my JS learning path form here?

    PS I also like to learn Front Dev in general, that why this tutorial caught me.

  4. Hi Zach, I'm new to coding and working through your FCC JS FE Web Dev course- thanks for the content and simple understandable instruction. I'm starting on the first set of challenges however, I'm unsure of where to find your GitHub user name or link to check my answers, could you offer me a link to your page. thanks

  5. Hey there, from what I see in the description of the video asynchronous programming with async / await is not covered in this course, is that right? If yes why because I think this is an essential part in order to be able to communicate with a backend

  6. Hi Zach.
    I did the javascript code for the color changing screen in vscode (in a .js file) . I copied and pasted it in the google page console and it worked. I also linked my .js file to an .html file and opened it in Google Chrome via Live Server…it worked too.
    When I open the same .html file with the .js file linked to it (same procedure…) via Firefox, the html is displayed but the color changing screen doesn't work.
    Can you help…if you understand my explanation?

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