sudo = POWER!! (managing users in Linux) // Linux for Hackers // EP4

(almost) everything you need to know about managing users in Linux. Want to go deeper? Sign up for Hacker school: …


  1. If you think this is boring and lame, read this

    Since Linux is a multi-user operating system, several people may be logged in and actively working on a given machine at the same time. Security-wise, it is never a good idea to allow users to share the credentials of the same account. In fact, best practices dictate the use of as many users accounts as people need access to the machine.

  2. im from france just starting linux with ur videos and daym ur explanation and ur way of thinkings are goods thanks a lot

  3. hey man, I love your channel, I love what you do, I love your style.
    Your doing some truly great work out there providing free education for those interested in the computer field.
    As long as you continue to post content, I'll be watching!

  4. hey im new to kali and im having so issues installing the bear metal. for some reason i cant use my mouse wile installing the OS the only thing that i have been able to use is the live boot off a USB its ok cuz i can use the system and play around with all my new toys (lol) buts getting pretty anoying not asctually have it installed. is there any words of advice for me?

  5. tbh all i know is r talking bout avengers.its bad for those who havent watched the movie,they wouldnt understand what you said just like me.

  6. I couldn't find where you added Iron Man to the home directory. You said you were going to do it just before you change the bash, but you never got back around to it

  7. I can get on to “Hackthebox” it’s saying “ something went wrong, connection is closed.” Idk what to do know.

  8. of my experience if you want a real hacker you should ues these three virtual machines ubuntu, kali linux, parrot os
    these three virtual machines will make you a real hacker if you just learn stuff not all the stuff some stuff. you will be 1000% persentge you become a hacker and not any hacker you will be a pro hacker he knows what he is doing and know what the next stop he will do.

  9. Hey I was fallow what you did in this video but I typed in the command to change the password and it wouldn’t let me type a new password can you help me out how to over ride that

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