5 Things NOT To Do On Linux

Today I talk about 5 Dos and Don’ts when it comes to Linux and Open Source software. PULL IT DOWN FOR THE GOOD …


  1. I would love to ditch discord, (revolt looks promising) but the main thing is a lot of people and communities I interact with are on discord and good luck getting all of them to move. It's things like that, that make these services hard to replace.

  2. TOO LATE MAN, i deleted music player, video player, camera and native browser and now i got a problem.
    Every time i goto use the top menu bar in new Elementry OS it disappears and i have to use power button to shutdown and go into settings manually to adjust volume.
    How do i fix this?

  3. Another thing with "Sudo danger"
    READ the article carefully and only use a command for your version of linux
    If an article is written for say Ubuntu 16.03, don't go using it on Ubuntu 22.10.
    Chances are that the way to fix your issue is different and using the wrong command will cause issues.

  4. I do not know why you have changed your microphone and / or if this is one of the first videos you have recorded with it (and just posted later), but your sound is a downgrade to me.

  5. Can you do a quick bit on removing compiled packages that aren't managed by the package manager? (I.e. packages from github that aren't managed by pacman.) Thank you heaps for your videos, they are extremely informative.

  6. My problem with distro hopping is that my time is limited. I've settled on a distribution that works for me, and I've got my files and software set up. My computer is a tool for getting things done, not an end in itself.

  7. Re: Being an elitist douchebag – If you think that Linux is superior to Windows (it is) and want to encourage people to switch, yelling at them for continuing to use Windows is not helpful. People have their reasons for using the tools that they do, and if they feel like you're nagging them for uno reason, they'll just resent you and Linux for it.

    All this to say that I agree with you completely here.

  8. Linux users should work together, Dont bash eachother for using distro x. We all a want freedeom. Thats why we dont use windows.
    Have you ever sean a script for example that is melissius?(excuse my spelling) I mean a script that is trying to fool peolple like me, that dont know anything about programming.

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