Roblox Fe Script Showcase : Robux Autofarm Gui

In this video i showcase the Robux Autofarm Gui script Feel free to comment below letting me know what you are interested in …


  1. Dude honest to god if you are going to showcase a script make sure it works. You have done this way too many times, I will inform my discord server to stay away from your videos from now on. ๐Ÿ‘

  2. oh my god thats hell, THIS IS WHAT THOSE GOOD FOR NOTHING MORONS WHO AFK IN THE GAME ARE DOING? SCRIPTS? and it was all for 2 robux

  3. huge fan of your channel 1 request tho, Can you make a zoro fe scirpt? like with his 3 sword style and you can fling with it would be super cool

  4. Too bad Arceus X doesn't work and I'm too lazy to get the key for krnl (FOR ALL THE PEOPLE IN MY COMMENT SECTION I USE ARCEUS X ON MOBILE MOST OF THE TIME AND SOMETIMES I USE KRNL)

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