RUST Based Desktop on Linux – System76 chose this over C Programming!

Rust Programming is becoming more used because rust lang on Linux is bringing amazing results. Check out how Pop OS! and …


  1. I love Rust. Every time you write code using Rust it yells at you for not following basic directions. You have little to no chance of making syntax errors thanks to rust compiler. Thanks Firefox

  2. I've been using Pop OS for a couple years. As good as Pop OS is compared to other distros, this is really not impressive when compared to mainstream operating systems. It looks clumbsy., The animation is far from smooth too (it could be the video aliasing with the v-sync). The bright cyan is horrible. First thing I changed after installing. The visual style is uninspring and lacks innovation. Yay, more flat pill buttons. More sliders with circles for the handle. More switches with that look just like almost all other UI systems.

  3. Hopefully this will make Iced focus a bit on the performance side too.
    I found Iced to be muuuuch more resource-intensive than Druid in Rust or WinUI 3.0 in C#. The amount of memory committed by Iced currently, at least on windows, is massive.
    Hopefully they'll bring Iced to Druid-like performances (which is way lighter and more performant than GTK)

  4. I wonder what system76 will do in terms of wayland, ssd, theming/libadwaita, etc. I don't like the theme that's currently shown in the video because it doesn't use neutral grey.

  5. Hope they don't leave this settings app as it is because using popups for settings is kinda weird I think. But apart from that this looks really good. If it is lightweight I would definitely consider using it as my DE instand of Xfce.

  6. This looks so smooth, I can't wait to try it out! BTW, there will be no Pop!_OS 22.10 from what the Devs have said. Since 22.04 was an LTS release, they are gonna stick with that, and let the next major release be with their Cosmic Desktop. 🙂

  7. Dude, thanks for this video. Due to you, I discovered iced. I was searching for something like this (a simple GUI library) for a long time.

  8. Is Cosmic using X or Wayland as default, I know they support both but I think they are still using X11 due to issues still persisting with nVidia

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