Everything About Linux from Scratch Part-2 Hindi/urdu | Linux tutorial for beginners in hindi

LEC-05 In this lecture,i explained architecture of linux and file system hierarchy of linux. Linux is the most popular server …


  1. Bhupender Bhayya,
    What if I granted admin rights to other XYZ user will it go to root directory?

    Is it possible to grant admin rights I Linux?

  2. sir you are the best trainer do you teach big data Hadoop hive query, like how to use spark, TensorFlow all on AWS cloud by using ec2, emr and S3 data storage? How can we reach you on mobile if it's yes?

  3. Initially when i tried to learn Linux using other website it was boring BUT now after watching this video I find Linux very Interesting and easy. Thank you Bhupinder Sir. Excellent tutorial

  4. एक खान सर पटना वाले और एक आप
    शानदार जबरदस्त जिन्दाबाद

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