Douglas Crockford: The JavaScript Programming Language

In this 2007 presentation at Yahoo!, which is meant to be the beginning of a three-course sequence (followed by “Theory of the …


  1. "Note: there's a title at the opening that claims this is "Part 1 of 4", but this video contains all four parts edited together. No need to go searching for the missing parts."

  2. I was not able to reproduce the behavior that Doug described in the lecture between 50:08 ~ 50:25. Here is my testing code:

    var oA = {name:"Doug"};
    var oB = object(oA);"NewName";
    delete oB["name"];
    alert(; //display "undefined" instead of "Doug".

    Not sure what I did wrong.

  3. What better way to learn the fundamentals of javascript than learning them from the js guru Douglas Crockford.

    @Doug, Thanks a lot for that amazing lecture. Really appreciate it.

  4. I can see a Douglas Crockford: Advanced Javascript video but no "Douglas Crockford: Theory of the DOM" video. Does it exist on YouTube?

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