The BEST Linux Distro.

Today I talk about the best Linux distro. This video is not what it seems. PULL IT DOWN FOR THE GOOD STUFF Patreon …


  1. I installed Fedora on our daughters Dell Latitude 7490 as she wants to learn about Linux and it's one of the two distros that will work on that model of laptop. It worked wonderfully… until we ran the first update, and then we got nothing but a black screen. So disappointment.

  2. I never thought I would like gnome but I use that desktop on Arco with there tweek tool! I actually love it but it did take getting used to! Next I'll try awesome a tiling manager and see if I cam like that eventually! I'm mostly a KDE guy but also Arco xfce

  3. "Best" is relative. If your idea of "best" is a distro that works most of the time on most machines and is easy to use and has a massive software selection your options come down to just a small handful of distros. I've been using Linux since 2006 and there are 5 distros I trust (with a disclaimer). Thats 5….out of thousands.

  4. The best Linux system is the one that will give me the packages that I love, that is stable and easily updatable, that looks fairly decent and/or gives me easy options to customize it, and that keeps me interested on a daily bases.

  5. I always say ppl that "It is us who make the distro best". It all depends on what are u doing with your distro. If you are using one like a tester experimenting over and over then it is obvious that you will find some lackings of that distro. We just have to make sure the distro is fulfilling our needs

  6. WSL 2.0 (with ubuntu LTS) is for me. I like having a linux terminal without having to lose powershell or any other Windows tools. For really really old (non-TPM/secure boot) PCs I like lubuntu because it feels okay and it's fast. Great video!

  7. Fedora 36 is the best distro out there for now. It was in past versions a nightmare, howevr I am an Arch Linux user and have been for the past 6 years. you really will have a hard time taking the throne away from Arch. A point to think about, fixing problems and choice of desktop makes the ideal Linux Distro great for that user what drives me crazy is these so called new distros that claim to be great but is only a copy of another that a real team like Fedoora puts in these fake claims must stop if Linux is going to win over users.

  8. The new push to destroy GNU/Linux from within is no support for older hardware. Snap,flat,app,Uefi, amd/Intel teamed up to lock hardware. Its the new politics in linux being killed from within. Its up to us to fix it. Debain is one place to take our systems back. not Ubuntu, linux mint, fedora, arch,etc.

  9. GreatVideo my fiend. But UEFI,flat,snap,app is worst thing to happen to GNU/Linux. New uses since Unity do not understand whats happening. Microcrap hold your password and decides if you can boot your hardware, or install linux or not. Snap,apps,flat is the same trap as Crapple,gaggle,microcrap. They can delete anything at anytime, and control what you install. Do 1 thing they do not agree with and you can not boot your system without them, the so-called cloud, their computer. I left all that in the early 2000's. I want 100% control of my hardware and software. You better too. They going all digital cashless, climite change to push everyone to east coast to cities, cut off the food chain for even more control, etc thats another issue all together, but UEFI,snap,app,flat is part of this same push to have full control, you own nothing. farms, homes being bought up, never sold again. American dream over, the more you make the less you bring home. Stop installing them before your trapped. AMD/Intel teamed up make new chip to lock your system to windows only, no roll backs , no installing Linux. Don't worry you can use linux inside windowsd only. Think about it, do your own research. Hated Fedora since 1st time I tried it. Now they playing everyone as fools, it will be good until it isn't, and they got you trapped in their ecosystem. Too many want their Linux to be windows/Mac/Goggle. Because they never knew anything else.Its never easy to have your freedom. This why they are getting rid of history everywhere including Encyclopedia, libraries, Goggle changing definitions, wicked pedo too, etc. You know in china they only show educatioal, teaching tictocs/videos. Here its just mind trash. Save our GNU/Linux spread the word, You speak better than me and have a platform… Love your channel…

  10. I think converging on a small number of distros is good. It means more eyeballs catching bugs, more bug reports, more bugs fixed, on a relatively fixed amount of code being installed, rather than having those same eyeballs diluted over thousands of micro distros. So if we want to have a small handful of "best" distros (Fedora, Arch, NixOS, Ubuntu?), I think that's great for realistically delivering a high-quality, robust desktop experience to as many people as possible.

  11. I have been using Fedora with Gnome and the PopOS extension for tiling and it is stable as a rock. I love the Gnome workflow on a laptop with 3 finger swiping to change workspaces and to open the app drawer and being a couple of keystrokes away from opening any app on the system has sped up my workflow exponentially. I do find myself typing in APT commands and even a Pacman command when trying to update and/or install a package just from muscle memory. I am getting more and more used to DNF though.

  12. Do you have recommendations that i can try? I'll install peppermint today and replace fedora kde for a while until he's good.
    I will dualboot whatever you choose
    Ok i decided to inställ normal Fedora for once I'll dualboot kde version in future 😆
    But now I'll download it and install alongside side pepper os lol mint 😆 but it'll be first priority on my ssd

  13. Fedora Kde version is still unstable, maybe my download speed is too slow sometimes files i download can be bad. But i installed it before and it worked just fine but, few days ago i installed it again video player is broken i tried to install mpv player didn't work maybe he's broken too on fedora. I really like this version with kde because i have custom color options

  14. My two arguments for Fedora being a strong contestant for the "best distro" title are: 1) It's backed by Red Hat, the biggest among companies whose main focus is Linux and thus it adopts new technologies (pipewire, wayland, systemd, flatpak) very early. in this sense Fedora is the "premiere" Linux distro. 2) It's neither rolling, nor static, which likely makes it more stable than a fully rolling release, while you get up to date packages, unlike on a static distro.

  15. That's the beauty of Linux. So many options and flavours, and easily customisable if you want to build your own experience. I'm loving Garuda myself right now, but use multiple OS on different machines. Like the fact I can boot into different distros depending on the task.

  16. I dislike distro hopping. I went from Ubuntu to Manjaro and lastly to Arch. Now I have zero desire to try something else. Something could be better but I guess I will not experience it.

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