2022 Week 2 NFL Recap, Injuries, Week 3 Betting Lines, Worst QBs + Cust Pays Pepsi From a Shoe Bet

Pat Mayo recaps Week 2 in the NFL with Tim Anderson and Geoff Fienberg, going over the injuries, best moments and previewing …


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    Show Index

    00:00 Intro
    1:10 Live Sweat/JETS WIN
    11:51 Pepsi Bet Payoff
    15:28 TUAAAAAA 6 TDs
    21:29 Chargers
    26:18 Who’s the Worst QB
    32:03 Biggest Headlines from Week 2
    35:51 Week 2 Quick Hits
    46:25 Queen Holiday
    50:49 Early Week 3 Lines

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  2. Jets went from worst team in the league with Flacco to the real deal in 1:53 and a miracle comeback.

    Bengals -20 alt line is the bet of the week.

  3. Ya love the sweat aspect of it . Fun for other people sweating stuff too or just dead amd want to see someone win 😂

  4. This is my first year watching NFL, and this show is without a doubt the most entertaining, funny but also informative show out there… Believe it or not I've learnt a lot from them. Great stuff keep it up

  5. NBA u only need to watch the last 2min probably 80% of the games to see who wins and NFL headed that way and I cant stand the NBA nowadays compared to past I hope NFL dont stay like this its just dumb it feels scripted . No lead is safe no matter how good a team is.

  6. Im so sick of the NFL and these 4th qtr where NO 1 stops NO 1! WTF. Its ok to have 1 or 2 but cmon w this crap no one can play D late in games I dont care what game it is teams usually stop themselves not the D. They gotta start calling OFF penalties or something the D is atrocious its getting like NCAA games and I dont want BOTH this way it seems AMATEURISH the NFL now in the 4th qtr.

  7. R u F in kidding me Fields scores forst TD and u played it cuz I know its a real thing the Tims JINX.. NUTS!! I was so hoping u guys were still on when it happened but no—- the reaction would have been great. Needed better timing, oh well. Make sure u bring it up tomorrow .

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