DO NOT design your network like this!! // FREE CCNA // EP 6

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    0:00 ⏩ Intro

    0:42 ⏩ a BAD NETWORK

    4:04 ⏩ the 2-tier Network Design

    11:08 ⏩ the 3-tier Network Design

    16:10 ⏩ look at this MASSIVE switch!!

  2. I used to have a CCNA/CCNP. Distribution switches preform the same functionality of a router. Cisco just wants to sell more hardware and network fan boys fall it. A WAN only needs a primary link and an alternate transport link for redundancy; completely different network pipe running across a different direction through your city (fail-safe for building/natural disasters). The Cisco model is a theoretical concept but the Core is still a failure point. The demonstration shown really doesn't protect against natural disasters. The best method is to have each building completely independent.

  3. 10Gbps minimum per room; 10:1Gbps on each gigabit access switch; For redundancy we've got two dedicated core routers, two core switches, about 3 AP's inside (not including test devices). The house is also a NOC for our community broadband project. We really appreciate your videos and love seeing lots of people eager to get into networking 🙂

  4. Unless you are going to pay for the extra 80 meters of CAT5 and also pull it through the wall runs too, I am gonna just install a couple of access points as T splices on my single cable runs and finally have a decent network, 1000 times better than what I have been subjected to using since 2008 (when my ISP gave us the option to get a 8Mbpps ADSL connection with a crappy router, only to make it a lot worse when they upgraded to 24Mbps and completely defunkt when they moved on to VDSL and made all phones VoIP)

  5. In my home we just have a router, and that's everything, but I think there's something underground like a switch that our router is connected to 😁

  6. Kill the dog easy fix, Standard ISP modem, basic gigabit switch. Had a pico station m2 but it shit the bed, currently using a ten year old tp link instead, several switches with wires running to external buildings with their own APs

  7. Err I think you shouldn't use home networks as an example to educate the do's and don'ts for CCNA best practices. Unless you're hardcore at home with many devices, work from home, hosting servers, etc I highly doubt the average person would have a need for such a setup. I mean nowadays, you can get a deco with a pack of 3 for $150 to run all the devices for an entire house. Of course it'll be on wifi but you can add a switch to one and run cables to the devices you need for stable direct/faster connections. Not saying your video was nonsense but I was like what at the beginner when you mentioned home network setup.

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