Dynamic RecyclerView with MSSQL Server using JDBC – Android

This tutorial explains how to get data from MS SQL server with dynamic RecyclerView. Download source and step by step guide at …


  1. Bro can u give me zip file of this project. !!! I have already made but Picasso error is displaying and when u solved this one then jdk error occurs so ….if u can help me by providing zip file it would help me alot😊

  2. Hello bro thank you so much for this tutorial, I have one question, after all of that, how can I fill an spinner with this code using only one column of my sql sentence ?

  3. you uploaded encoded image in your previous video . please tell me how could i retrive that same encoded image from server n display in android ?? Please Help me …

  4. Come on sir, I need your help, I wish you maigh want to contact to me. My code failure is almost in the end of your video, just exacly in the onBindViewHolder method. When I tried to emulate your 178 line of your code,for my own project configutation. I writed the next line:

    final Usuario usuario = new lista_usuarios.get(position); Here IDE does'n recognize the getPosition method.

    I will be very gratefull if you help me with this trouble. Thank for reading, have a nice day sir..

  5. nice video
    please how did you insert the image and the data in to the database
    please give me the link to the video
    thank you
    i want to lean how to insert image into the database

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