Send emails using Apps Script

Making an email with Apps Script? In this episode of Apps Script in a Snap, we show you how to do just this. Watch how Joanna …


  1. What if you want to send an email to one recipient among a list of recipients from, for instance, a table in the sheet?

  2. Amazing amazing!Thank you for posting this, its extremely helpful, practical and awesome to watch as your a great presenter

  3. Hi Joanna, how many emails can i send with this method? For example, if i have an emails list in my spreadsheet, can i send an email marketing campaign to all contacts on my list?
    Thanks for all. Your teach style is so cool!

  4. if only every tutorial was this clear, simple, organized, and answered every specific question I had in under 3 minutes…..ahh…one can only dream

  5. Wow you are really wonderful to listen to. It's really enjoyable, that voice is capturing. Makes learning the content easier.

  6. I absolutely enjoy the way that you guys do your training, you make things make so much sense! Wish I would have started here… But it’s definitely putting everything into perspective now, you’re the best

  7. Love these videos.. just wish could travel a month in to the future and consume all the videos in one go!! Great structure, pace and content.

  8. This instructor is awesome! I've watched hundreds of dev how-tos and it is SUPER refreshing to have an engaging instructor whose jokes actually land

  9. Joanna, you are amazing and such a great presenter – this is certainly an excellent video for assisting in learning the power of scripts in Google! Top marks for this one.

  10. Great video. Thanks for sharing. It helps me have a more clear understanding in helping test takers prepare for CELPIP, and begin their Canadian journey.

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