How to Configure Always-On High Availability in MS SQL Server 2019 – Step by Step

This video explain how to configure Always On High Availability in Microsoft SQL Server 2019. Procedure Page here: …


  1. Hello, Question: I have only one SQL virtual machine, can I create two different local sql instances to simulate Always on availibity group Listener ? I want to avoid to create two sql node virtual machines

  2. hi, thank you, it was really helpful. can try Basic Always On availability with MS SQL Failover Cluster
    So in this case you wud have 3 servers,2 VMS on the failover cluster, running Basic Always On availability – passing data to 3rd VM running its own instance

  3. Thank you for the step-by-step instruction regarding setting the sign-on accounts about 45 seconds in. I was trying to make this work for a week, nothing on the internet that I could find worked, and you solved it for me with a minute.

  4. only a few of comments respect this video, you need to open on firewall port 5022 and 1433 in both nodes, else it wont work the AG, also you need to set in SQL Service an acoount from domain

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