Network (1976) Official Trailer – Peter Finch Movie

Starring: Faye Dunaway, William Holden and Peter Finch Network (1976) Official Trailer – Peter Finch Movie A television network …


  1. I have two brilliant films I like by Sidney lumet the first one is network he got a fantastic actors in this movie and the other one is twelve angry men and a fantastic cast t as well

  2. Not really ahead of it's time. Even in the 70s news networks were starting to show signs of ineptitude: a lot of them are more concerned with being first than with being accurate. These days it's even worse because networks are very blatant about their political stance. They used to at least CLAIM to be unbiased so would actually report good and bad information on both parties. These days networks shamelessly and openly support specific parties and even candidates. It's pretty disgusting when you consider the implications.

    Any time something happens I feel I should look into I look at every channel and article I can find and try to weasel out the most truth I can. If more people did this we'd be much better off as a society. Unfortunately we have a nation of what I like to call "headliners" in that they read a sensationalized headline that's meant to deceive and immediately they have a knee-jerk reaction to it without bothering to read the article or even so much as Google what's being said.

    The media sucks, people suck so now society generally sucks. We're now a nation of coddled, self-entitled, ignorant and obnoxious people that think everything is someone else's fault and invoke bullsh*t cancel culture on anyone and anything.

    It's to the point that most days I feel the need to apologize to my teenage son for having to grow up in a world filled with so many mindless, inept and utterly useless people. Those capable of showing logic and reason are very much in the minority and often when they try to speak up they're shouted down by the idiot, ignorant masses.

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  4. I just watched the Netflix release Don’t Look Up. It’s definitely a satire about Covid and the election year and it isn’t horrible but I definitely wouldn’t recommend it or watch it again. It’s was rather boring and in suspenseful aswell as the characters are rather hard to like. Heard this was a iconic satire movie! Gonna have to give it a try! That first scene from the trailer was already hilarious.

  5. この、ルメット演出の映画作品は、女占い師二人がレギュラー出演する、TVスタジオから実況中継放送のTV番組の辛辣な演出、そして、そのジングル音楽( 作曲:エリオット・ローレンス )が、そのままラストクレジットの映画音楽、という構成、の、社会派映画、であって、辛辣なキリスト教批判、の、カソリック映画、でもある。

  6. Unfortunately after 45 years NOTHING has changed, in fact most things have gotten much worse. This was very prophetic. This is one of my favorite movies. Unfortunately most people alive today, have never seen this movie, much less even heard about it. Thank you.

  7. Sidney Lumet's most overrated film. I would even take Guilty as Sin over this turkey that's over stuffed with one heavy handed monologue after another. If you decide to watch, shut it off after Finch's first rant. Why ? The film is a minute man, it blow it's load at the beginning.

  8. Sydney Lumet has directed many movies without any musical score : “12 Angry Men” (1957), “The Offence” (1973), “Dog Day Afternoon” (1975), for instance. But in “Network” (1976), the lack of music is far more telling and meaningful than anywhere else. The reason : it emphasizes the pervasive coldness of the TV business world, in which audience rating prevails as the name of the game. AT ALL COSTS. The motion picture was released only two years after the very first on-screen suicide in television history : news reporter Christine Chubbuck had shot herself on camera on July 15, 1974. In 2000, the film was selected for preservation, by the Library of Congress, as being “culturally, historically or aesthetically significant”. In 2007, “Network” was 64th among the 100 greatest American Films as chosen by the American Film Institute. A bona fide classic with a cast to die for. ❤️ 📺 ❤️

  9. "telivision will never be the same". It got worse i think. And i guess it will get more worse.

    By the way, anyone care to tell whats the worse thing that can happen in a TV or due to it.

  10. A movie relevant today. I've seen it in 1977, and I am looking at actually now..! It shows that as long you make money, you're good. When you say things you shouldn't, you're killed.

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