How to connect external Database with Thingworx #Thingworx #MSSQL #Postgres #IoT

Thingworx Entity :


  1. Can we switch thingworx from different technologies…whatar the basic knowledge required to learn and get job on thingworx

  2. After installing Postgres do we have to install jdbc driver or tomcat or we can directly follow your video just after installing and creating a table

  3. Hi. Thanks for the video. I want to connect to a Postgresql Cluster which 1 primary and 2 read-only replica nodes. I can use the JDBC connecting string to use primary but on failover it can read from replicas but i cant manage the splitting write/read quers among the nodes. I want to direct write queries to primary, and load balance read queries on every node including primary. Is this possible with JDBC query string or we should take time and learn pgool for splitting queries. Thanks.

  4. Hello, would it be possible to store this said data that i got from the query inside a stream that i could use afterward ?
    If yes, could you share some insights on how to do so ?

  5. hi, thanks for sharing the information
    i have a question, how to get real data of PLC to display on pie chart, can you help me. Thank you so much

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