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  1. wanted to go through some of the concept so decided to search for old favorite video. watching this after so many year felt like this need to be update with good audio and videos quality .

  2. I recommend this tutorial series to everyone I can even if they don't ask lol. I learned everything I know about c# from this, absolutely perfect. Don't think I've seen another programming tutorial even half as good as this one

  3. Hi, i am regularly view your YouTube video series. all videos all really helpful to enhance our knowledge. but this video series voice is not proper. kindly look into this.

  4. Sir please make your videos audio and video quality good because i never seen on my mobile…your teaching style is unbeatable

  5. Sir please help me where can i learn winform and i want to perform automation task like automating desktop application where can i get the material for the same.

  6. Kudvenkat sometimes when I watch your videos i feel like you should get a noble prize for your contribution to share knowledge with people.

  7. My Brother Venkat you're a blessing. I don't know what I wld have done without you. Please keep on doing the good job you're doing.

  8. Hello, I need to start learning C# embedded , This videos are pretty old, I hope this is the right place to learn. Just want to make sure if I should learn from here or not? is there any new updates that I should learn first since these seems to be out dated. Please let me know, Please?

  9. This channel is enough for any aspiring dotnet developer to get their dream job! Kudos to the creator. Even after 9 years, this looks fresh! Evergreen

  10. Happy Guru Poornima Dear Guru Kudvenkat Sir…
    My career started from here and you are the best teacher I found here🙏

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