1/6 Committee Shows Trump Going Off Script In Taped Message To Rioters

The January 6 committee played never-before-seen raw footage of former President Trump recording a message to those at the …


  1. So Fascist left, there you go, he said "go home in peace". Case closed. It was not an insurrection. It's not a requirement to believe the election was not fraudulent. MSNBC is a Full Fascist network!!!

  2. trump MUST BE MADE TO PAY PAY REALLY BIG FOR HIS TREASONOUS ACTIONS AND FOR HIS MAJOR CRIMINALITY! There can never be any leniency regarding trump’s failed attempt at a coup ! He is a traitor and a major disgrace! At another time in history his punishment would have been a barbaric act of inflicting pain! He lucked out, we are not barbaric…and it is not our way…..but he so deserves pain!

  3. Please DOJ prosecute Trump and his cronies as soon as possible because they continually are trying to destroy our democracy. They are traitors to our country.

  4. If you vote Republican you'll be voting for Trumpocracy, not Democracy. You'll be voting for white power, hate, attacking people like McCain the war hero, keeping our great country divided, no regards to the laws of our nation and supporting Trump's Supreme Court. Those who vote for the Republican Party want to pull off the coup that came up short on Jan. 6, 2021, but are still working on it because Trump wants a civil war today. Trump believes he's the white supremacy GOD that you should always believe. The big lie will continue because Trump will be fighting to the end. That's his nature. He hates losing. Trump will always be a traitor like most of the Republican Party.

  5. What seems to be overlooked, is that in the Senate for the second impeachment, several GOP members, including McConnell were leaning toward Article 25 to remove Trump, but decided that since he was only to be president for a few more days, that they couldn't charge him, as he would not be the standing president, and they couldn't charge a citizen. So he wasn't removed from office on a technicality. Think someone murders someone and the police find evidence in the person's house without having a warrant. That evidence is thrown out and if serious enough, the person goes free on a technicality. It isn't that he didn't do the murder, they simply don't have the evidence to convict anymore. Hopefully the DoJ can correct this technicality with the evidence they are collecting, so that he goes to prison and/or can't hold public office.

  6. The only just outcome would be that Trump spends rest of his life in federal prison and all his enablers are hold accountable as well.

  7. Here it is the year 10000000000 and our next ancestor we could find who was at the 1/6 what ever it was that nobody alive ever heard of will give their testimony.

  8. Trump is just like Charles Manson. As Charlie did so did Trump told his people what to do. People died and were seriously injured. What is the difference ? Stop saying he is the FORMER PRESIDENT it does NOT matter. He is just a citizen now. Any thoughts ?

  9. After all this evidence…those who still support him are the same as him : traitors to the state, the enemy within …..

  10. Look he's out already why don't you guys just leave well enough alone let people move on in their life you keep nitpicking at him from day one

  11. This is why Trump can't buy Hollywood in his back pocket.Their not that stupid to go BANKRUPT like his fail businesses all his life. Trump is a walking PLAGUES!!,👎😠😱

  12. He needs to be jailed, frankly in addition to treason he needs to be tried for manslaughter for all the deaths his lies and incitement of the violent mob caused that day. Just a despicable person.

  13. While filming inside, he didn't deny or disagree the election was over. He just didn't want to say it, outloud. He didn't say, "No that's not true. You all are liars." Instead he rewrote the speech omitting the truth.

    Because deep down …
    There is no deep down.

  14. Wow! Pres basically said what he's accused of. It was stolen by evil people. If that doesn't sound like stirring stuff up, what does?

  15. Disgusting, lying POS. How on earth did his wranglers stand quietly and watch this BS in real time while officers were dying nearby? Not to mention his own VP was in danger of being hung? This is when the people with actual souls need to step up and use their voices.

  16. The evidence is overwhelming against this ORANGE wannabe dictator.. MERRICK do your job now…he must pay the price for his TREASON against our beloved country. The worst President in US history, certainly.

  17. We can’t play into the hands of these people! That means trump thinks the lack of security was a set up! The committee has no interest in that and that’s by itself very telling!

  18. Most Americans care far more about the current situation and your fetish with this subject only makes you look less credible and MORE pathetic…

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