FINALLY! the perfect Linux Distro

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  1. Thanks for the kind words on your review! I'm glad your experience has been well! As for the package manager bits — the two main reasons we switched to yumex-dnf + bauh instead of the normal software centers is for two main reasons: 1. i wanted to show a specific split difference between flatpaks and normal packages so that new users dont confuse the two, and 2. I found that at least with gnome-software it does not install 32 bit versions of packages (which are needed for things like wine or nvidia drivers). While the default software centers still remain for installation unfortunately people aren't keen on the defaults so we may switch back. Apart from that the distro has really reached a pretty good stable point. This year in general Nobara has gone through a lot of changes, I'm hoping now that most of the major kinks are worked out we'll have a solid release when 37 is ready.

  2. Is Nobata distro good for gaming?
    I have been using Ubuntu for a while, but since I am buying new gaming computer in few months, I am doing my little research on which Linux distro should I put in it.
    This looks ok

  3. Does Nobara still have VA-API Support? I have an (relatively new AMD System) and really like Fedora but from what I heard Red Hat is going to drop the support Debian based Operating Systems are not my cup of tea….

  4. Your "rice" of the gnome is the best look I have seen on Gnome ever. I immediately stopped and rethinked my hate toward Gnome. And wanted to give the nobara a go, but that was before you explained it is not the default nobara look 🙂 anyway still It seems nobara deserves a place among the Linux Hall of Fame, among the Mint, Ubuntu Family, Arco, Endeavour, Debian, POP!_OS, Manjaro, Fedora, deepin, elementary, MX Linux, Garuda, Antix, Linux Lite, Solus and Zorin,

  5. Gonna nitpick your video title a little

    There is no such thing as the "perfect" distro, because everyone likes different flavors, you should not recommend Linux based on what distro it is, but recommend Linux based on what Desktop Environment it uses. For me personally, KDE Plasma is the best desktop, and thus KDE Neon is the best distro for me, but that is only for me, someone else might not even like KDE Plasma, as they might prefer GNOME, in which they have a lot of choices as well, but might not be the distro you recommended in the video, because they simply might not like Fedora, but prefers Arch Linux or Manjaro, or even Ubuntu instead.

  6. My first Linux distro was FreeBSD, then knoppix, Fedora, then Debian releases (Ubuntu, Debian, Parrot Security). I've been using Debian consistently for over 10 years. Server & desktop… Will download it though to the VM first

  7. I don't understand the Ubuntu 'nightmare' that everyone talks about. I've been using Ubuntu for nearly 10 years and it seems okay… but then again, when you're comparing it to Windows, it wouldn't take too much to be okay, LOL!

  8. Man it was hell of a buggy distro. Did you experience the same laggy and buggyness, or was it my new laptop's fault (did i have to change some configurations in BIOS?). Had to return to Pop Os.

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