Roblox How To Code – How To Script On Roblox – Episode 1

This Roblox How To Code tutorial will teach you how to script on Roblox for beginners. Roblox Coding or Scripting in Lua is very …


  1. I’m planning on trying to make a spooky horror game but it has no monsters or jump scares but hints that there is a monster

  2. Question. If making a game at roblox do u scrip first before making the maps or make the maps first before scripting.

    And what about if u have to test what u have scripted on a block do u place it first before scripting or script before placing the block

  3. Me seeing 20 minutes on the time stap at the beggining:
    Yes.. i'd rather beg them to make the model i'm asking for too much work

  4. I have already learned python i can code python but i havent mastered it, does this make lua much easier to learn?

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