7 areas where Linux is JUST BETTER than Windows

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  1. Not all sw, on Linux, is available through the gui sw manager. Some have to be got from separate websites. HDHomeRun comes to mind.

  2. If you try to install windows 10 the first thing that pops up are the internet setup… and if you are connected to the internet that you are forced to use a Microsoft account… you need to be offline to create an local account… that so dumb

  3. Sorry but I’m new to this, witch distro are you using? I saw your video on pop os, but this one looks cleaner or am I blind? Anyway, thanx to you I might switch to Linux entirely for my new laptop, I just have to check if I can do everything I want with it.

  4. 2:33 No, this is the best way. I can have the newest version withouth waiting for distro developers. I can have rare-used software about which distro developers don't know. etc. Yeah, Linux store is convinient, but only if you use top apps.

  5. I want to agree with you, I really do. The thing is, after using exclusively Linux for work for a year, I finally did the switch on my personal laptop. Everything is plain better, or so it seems because I can't use it. My laptop has a screen on the smaller side, but it's 1080p, and there's no fractional scaling option available, at least on the distro I ended up choosing (Fedora). Such a small missing feature but it makes it unusable for visual impaired folks or people with small screens

  6. Windows are far better than Linux because no commercial application possible in Linux.
    Mostly typing commands to execute an6 simple task.
    In Windows just few clicks.

  7. The Store/Download Manager is something i hate about linux. I do want to know where my exe comes from. I want to check out the website to make sure that what im installing is worth it.
    I also don't like the fact that im at the download managers mercy to serve me a working download package. If i don't find an exe i have alternative sites i can go to or ask someone to send the file to me.

    The Linux download manager fells like i have less control and transparency when it comes to downloading software.

  8. Linux is only good for underpowered laptops, those who dont game, or those who have such good components where gaming on linux still feels smooth despite massive performance loss, the average user shouldnt use linux at all, use a custom windows iso like revios

  9. 100% agree with "Software Management", it's the biggest reason I continued using linux, because going back to long, forced, windows updates would suck

  10. I would say you should make a video of the areas where Windows is JUST BETTER than Linux… but nobody wants to sit here for a few hours of examples.

  11. I'm happy I've finally left windows to be honest, it was annoying dealing windows yearly and always seeing the system develop unnecessary issues.

  12. Ⅼinυx seгveгs geτ hаcked ⅿoгe becаυse no one ѡiτh 2 oг ⅿoгe bгаin ceⅼⅼs ѡoυⅼd hosτ on Windoѡs…

  13. Windows user here.
    I love Windows especially older versions like Windows 7 but all of this changed when Windows 11 got released.
    I still love Windows but Windows 11 is just the worst. All it is is a new UI and even has removed features. Most of it is straight from Windows 10 that even the Registry still called it Windows 10.
    I dislike the removed features which i use and just lack of customization like the taskbar. But what i hate the most is the system requirements.

    These System requirements are just insane. TPM 2.0 and 8th generation Intel processor even though it's very similar to Windows 10. I know you can bypass it but what's the point if Microsoft is gonna keep on adding things to make it harder for these "unsupported" systems. I have an amazing PC. Definitely not the newest hardware but it's a beast. And it can't run Windows 11 officially.

    I've been thinking of switching to Linux a few times because of these reasons but i'm still looking into it and waiting until 2025 to see what happens.

  14. If you want to try out several linux distros, how do you go about it? Virtual machines on your Mac or Windows desktop or laptop? What are the minimum system requirements for cpu and RAM?
    Or do use DAAS, Desktop As A Service? Spin up a virtual machine at a cloud provider like Amazon, Linode, Hetzner, … and connect to it with VNC? What are the system requirements here?
    Or can you use a Raspberry Pi (version 4 with 8 GB RAM)? I know Ubuntu has a version for it, but do other popular distros have one?

  15. the problem with software is that Linux has so many that not all working properly for all, and not all apps and latest updates are available for all etc.
    although hunting exe files is not the best option all windows users can have the same version and updates as the rest.
    If all these hours, ideas and work that is spend on different packages formats were worked towards one, linux would have been much better imo.
    Flat has its issues, same as Snaps, and not all apps are available on those formats, some are available only for deb but not for rpm or others and so on.

  16. I love to see windows go free. I wish more companies would dump their games to Linux. Sadly only Valve seems to have any interest in them. It would have great if major pubs/devs/indie showed interest.

  17. Windows too a step back with updates.
    In Windows8 allowed you do chose when you applied updates.
    They done forced updates with Win1x

  18. I switched to Linux. Using Fedora.the only thing bother me, restart all the time after installing updates. Its like Windows. Ubuntu don't have that problem.

  19. Even Linus Torvalds agrees: Linux Desktop is a failure.

    Windows has 90 percent market share, and for very good reason.

    Every AAA game works perfectly and easily on Windows.

    Every hardware peripheral and accessory is made for Windows.

    Microsoft has a huge department working on Windows, and receiving big salaries. Not open source, volunteer supported!

  20. Monetary software costs do not matter considering the PC costs and time consumption. It's a matter of whether you have computer enthusiasm or not. Most do not.

  21. All valid points, but the theory "would they have brought Linux command-line to Windows, if they thought PowerShell/… was better? I don't think so" is a bit weird.
    They brought Linux bash etc. to Windows due to make it more compatible, not because Bash was better than PowerShell. Because PowerShell with object piping is just technically the much better and powerful scripting environment than Bash, but "technically better" does not make something "use millions of existing scripts of hundredthousands of Linux script makers" ;)…

  22. Linux for me it's like buying a house and building the rooms, the living room from scratch , and like not being able to use water or light directly because it's not fully supported and you have to also install the correct plugs and stuff like that

  23. As a programmer or I think that windows provide us a package manager which using we can easily install in a package and uninstall through a program window but in the Linux distributions like Ubuntu which based on baby and the installing packages means software is difficult and the uninstation processes also more difficult every time we need good internet connection to do all the work. The most important thing windows work great in offline environment also but a Linux does not. If I faced any types of problem of libraries in windows I can install once after which will resolve everything but in Linux it cannot be we need to enter some types of specific comments to resolve that which is also not good for the beginer stage.

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