Why Linux Is Better For Programming

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  1. Ive dabbled a bit with ml and ai using my macbook. Bow, i want something with a bit more power so i need to build a pc. Which linux distro is suitable for a person like me? I want to use linux because mac is unix so its not as different as if im using mac. Easier to learn i guess? I also want to be able to install generic software like office etc.

  2. Agreed but install parrot os is way more secure more encryption and wayyyy more hacking tools for revers engenieering reports wifi signals and more and it has vim and vscodium preinstalled its made for speciallists so install it it is great!

  3. Honestly that's not very programming specific list maybe apart from scripting. I'd prefer linux, but for the following reasons:
    – native docker
    – kafka utilities are limited on windows
    – bash scripts

    But Windows is not that bad afterall. I have it for gaming and Adobe suits and I just don't bother switching between different OS because one is slightly better than another for a specific task. And why don't u mention chocolatey? How I'd install VLC on my windows? choco install -y vlc

  4. I find Windows just fine. Most tasks as programmer (except for web programmers) have very little dependence on the operating system. Using Windows there are far fewer things you need to know about your computer, which leaves open bandwidth for programming tasks (AI in my case). Being the dominant installed base, everything I need from financial data to games just works.
    But if I was programming casually and not dealing with demanding work, Linux distros like Arch would be very fun to use and to learn about.

  5. i deleted linux right after i tried to change scroll speed. to do that i had to install additional package, create a config file for it and add it to the bootloader

  6. I switched from Linux to windows because powershell is way better than a Linux shell. Also I’m not an edgy teen that wears a black hoodie and everything being a file is not a feature, it’s a nightmare. Registry is wayyyyyy better than text files

  7. The only Linux distro I know when comes to navigating around it is Ubuntu. I've worked around Debian also but spent more time working on Ubuntu

  8. I'm using windows since 1999, yes I tried using Ubuntu for several times, and since now I'm learning for Android development I tried it again.
    I will say an unpopular opinion.
    1) U can customize ur windows and make it run super fast, u just need to spend couple minutes watching some guides on YouTube.
    2) Coming from first point, u can reduce ur ram usage by switching off most of unused processes on boot.
    3) I cannot install normal adobe Photoshop for design issues so I had to switch between windows and Ubuntu all the time, finally finding myself again working in Windows OS.
    4) It's not only Photoshop I can't run on Linux like OS.
    5) I code in Android studio and IntelliJ IDEIA just fine. I have all needed programs downloaded and on the go if I need them.
    6) I3 10110u 2 cores 4 threads and 16gb of Ram is just enough to get smooth performance on my 2k resolution super cheap CHUWI COREBOOK X laptop under windows 11, when I'm on the go.
    7) It all depends on ur personal preferences and time spent with OS. I've used Windows for 23 years now and I can't say it's terrible and I can't customize it to my own please. And I've never ever catched a virus or installed antivirus software in last 15 years or so.

  9. linux is only better for 3 things
    1. Programming
    2. Servers
    3. Giving new life to very old hardware.

    For other use cases, it may work but not the best option to work with

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