How To Script On Roblox 2021 – Episode 1 (Properties)

These tutorials will teach you how to script on Roblox in 2021. I aim to keep these videos as short as possible whilst providing as …


  1. I love when youtubers show errors as an examples, so if person’s code won’t work, he will know how to correct it) thanks for the tutorial!

  2. little tip for developing! the items that are inside the work space are called game objects and all of the tools that can be used to modify the game objects are called game assets.

  3. i was searching for a tutorial on how to script, most of them confused me completely. i had come across your channel before, so i thought that alvinblox might have a tutorial on how to script. i found this, most straight forward and easy tutorial too follow

  4. hey you probably don't read the comments anymore but at the timestamp 4:15 after transparency, you type a equal sign with two dots next to it. how do i type this equal sign? i'm lost bc a normal equal sign doesn't work. a equal sign with two commas doesn't work, two equal signs doesn't work…i checked the roblox coding website and it wasn't listed as one of their operators but pls help

  5. Hey um, does anyone know why my "game" and "Enum" count as an error? I wrote everything he wrote to maybe see if i did something wrong but i didn't, it still says "game" and "Enum" are and error.

  6. Hi Alvinblox idk how to script when watched all your tutorials its hard and idk all thosse commands need more of your tutorials.

  7. i acutally want to be a coder when i grow up then i can make 10k+ or more than that per month (In my country the average salary is like 1k)

  8. thanks man the video you did is really great i was watching other youtuber before and bro was teaching math system in game which is useless 💀
    your video was really fast and i learned more better

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