How to Convert MS SQL Database to MySQL Database (Step by Step)

This video explains how to convert MS SQL Database to MySQL Database (Step by Step) Download MSSQL …


  1. I don't see the ODBC Data Sources (32-bit) connection that appears at minute 12:15 Has someone experienced the same thing and how do I solve it?

  2. Thank for video, I am getting error saying too long text when migrating data, because migration wizard replaces the nvarchar(max) from source table to varchar(0) to destination table.
    So what to do in that case? Instead wizard must replace nvarchar (max) to longtext

  3. Amazing video! For those that are using MSSQL you may find a problem in the Bulk Data Transfer (15:52) with varchar columns whose sizes are set to MAX in MSSQL.
    The key to solve this is to first go back to Create Target Results (15:43), select the tables that triggered the error and you will see the CREATE script at the right: the varchar column's size is set to ZERO; change it to the desired size and click "Apply". Then, go back to Target Creation Options (15:27) and is just like the rest of the video afterwards.

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