MSSQL – How to, Step by Step Change Data Capture (CDC) Tutorial

Download example from my Google Drive – REFERENCES …


  1. Really put me to sleep with this video pace, but you were quick to cut the real SQL statements and steps needed to get this CDC set up in first place.

  2. Insanely good demo – even showing some pitfalls like he Network Service account! (Which is something I've encountered before.)

  3. I wonder why there is so much mysticism around that tech? It's like too many vendors are trying to take their cut by providing its own solution, but really, it's a big deal because the integration point with multiple technologies (which is not small feat, being honest), but feel like is rebrandred ETLs

  4. Hello Sir, Is there any way if we are using SQL server business intelligence instance ? I am not able to perform this operation.

  5. I assume there is a way to do this through a terminal window as well, correct? I am trying to run the enable DB command over putty and it does not want to work.

  6. Would it not be easier to have a trigger on the table which would write to another table of the tasks you want it to capture, this would mean you wouldn't need a sql job running all the time?

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