Animal Crossing New Horizons on PC | A Complete Install Guide

Animal Crossing New Horizons on PC | A Complete Install Guide

Animal Crossing New Horizons on PC | A Complete Install Guide

Animal Crossing New Horizons is now Playable on PC. This Guide will show you how to get it set up on Ryujinx Emulator at the best possible Performance Level.

Support added for AMD and Intel GPUs, Lots of Graphical Fixes, as well as a Native Update Installer in the emulator (No game patcher required)

If you are on a laptop and the emulator wont use your main GPU,you may need to right click on the Ryujinx.exe and select run it with your Dedicated GPU

Guide Timestamps

Guide Start 1:15
Best Emulator Settings 3:35
Updating your Game 4:38
How to Time Travel on PC 7:23

Support Ryujinx Deveopment

Animal Crossing is now Playable on Ryujinx Master. Please Download the latest Master Build for your Operating system from their Website

MAIN DOWNLOAD PAGE (See image for reference)

Download page image reference

OpenAL Installer

New Game Save

Alternate Save link (If the above doesnt work)

If the emulator wont start, you may need to install .NET Core Runtimes

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  1. Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: My game has sound but only shows a black screen
    A: Make sure that any application that could affect the rendering is disabled. This includes MSI Afterburner overlay, which puts an overlay on top of the emulator display window.

    Q: My game wont run on my main GPU
    A: Right click on the Ryujinx.exe and select run it with your Dedicated GPU

    Q: My game is slow/lagging
    A: You are building shaders, play the game more and it will become smoother

    Q: My controller wont work
    A: Connect your controller to your PC before launching the emulator, it will work

    Q: Where do I get the game/update
    A: You need to legally dump them from your switch (Use nxdumptool to dump them)

    Q: Where do I get keys
    A: As with games/updates, you need to legally dump them from your Switch console (Use tegraRCM to dump them)

    Q: My game is crashing when I run it
    A: Please follow the guide, all steps are required

    Q: My Performance is bad, what can I do
    A: Follow ALL the steps in this guide, the game released one week ago…with optimization to the emulator, performance will get better

    Q: My game has bad/missing audio
    A: This emulator is still very young and this game released one week ago. Audio bugs are to be expected/normal

    Q: My emulator crashes when I launch a game/double click it
    A: Install OpenAL and the .NET Core Runtimes found in the video description

    Q: the game crashes when I start a new game (No save used)
    A: Boot it again. There is a random chance that it will crash during the games intro, once past it, you should be fine

    Q: When I try to update the game, I get the error "Marshaling clicked signal"
    A: Your Prod.keys are out of date, you need to redump/update them

    Q: My controller is moving on its own
    A: Go to appdata/roaming/Ryujinx and open the config file with notepad. Look for the lines that says deadzone and change it to 0.3

  2. Bro I can't play animal crossing as I start playing the emulator crashes after some time and I can't reach till save button scene and I lost all my data help me😭😭😭😭😭😭

  3. People can completely record their gameplay for a walkthrough, but if you do in a guide you'll get a copyright strike? A bit paranoid. . .

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