Steam Deck vs Nintendo Switch OLED

Steam Deck vs Nintendo Switch OLED

Steam Deck vs Nintendo Switch OLED

The Valve Steam Deck and the Nintendo Switch – OLED Model are both amazing handheld gaming consoles but for different reasons. If you had to choose just one of these consoles, which is the best?

In this buying guide, I highlight the strengths and weaknesses of each console to help you choose the best portable games console for your needs. Will it be Steam Deck, or Switch?

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  1. Got 7 switch games installed on my deck and none have gave me any problems once so ever. The answer is clear 🤣 and plus every Nintendo games damn near at full price still all these years later with little to no sales.

  2. I have both but honestly I haven't really touched my switch since I got the steam deck. For me the AAA games, the emulation, the price of games, and the fact that I don't mind tinkering with my devices makes it a no brainier for me.

  3. Not sure why we always need to hype up Nintendo games so much. I'm sure Pokémon fans got something to say about their polished experience, or how mediocre series like Mario Party and Paper Mario have become. And the Switch having no new Mario Kart, but getting track DLC from the poorly designed mobile game tracks.

    Anyhow, the Steam library is vastly bigger than that of the Switch, to the point that the amount of Deck Verified games is already bigger than the Switch library. So there is no reason for anyone to tinker if they don't want to.

  4. I opted for the Steam Deck when it was released primarily because of my Steam library, which I couldn't fully access when I made the move from Windows to macOS as my primary computer platform. The hardware is top notch, and I haven't been disappointed.

  5. I think if you want to play Nintendo games, then the Switch is a must of course. If you want almost anything else (emulation of most console games <PS4/Xbox One), more types of games (i.e. PC games), more longevity of playing the latest games in the future, etc., then I think the Steam Deck is the obvious choice.

  6. I grew up a Nintendo fanboy and the Steam Deck has changed my life. You can do almost anything on the Steam Deck and the games are endless. The Switch OLED has a superior display and perfect for casual console players but for those who want more triple A games or customization the Steam Deck is amazing.

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