1. It doesn't work because you don't have a strong vertical line. I'm 5'10" and look amazing with long skirts and flats.

  2. I think the blouse was too blousy for that silhouette of skirt and the shoes were the wrong color but the I liked the aesthetic of the first outfit 🤷🏾‍♀️

  3. Do you have any advice on shoes to wear with a plaid midi skirt, if you’re not into heels? Im also quite short if that helps?

  4. Well, I like the shirt as it has a more relaxed, carefree, comfortable fit throughout. Wish I can find a seamstress or tailor to make me a roomy loose shirt just like that one.

  5. I've always thought this… The long boot under the lengthy skirt just looks so aging to me. I think it's something that never really looks good. I've seen many stylists promote this look and I just can't get on board with it.

  6. 1950’s wore flat shoes with midi skirts all the time and it looked fabulous. Looks feminine and girly. The 80’s introduced the boots with midi skirts and it gives a more high fashion/edgy look. Neither is a do or don’t. It’s a matter of what look you’re going for.

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