5 JavaScript Concepts You HAVE TO KNOW

How well do you know JavaScript? Well, if you don’t know these 5 concepts, then you better get on it! 00:00 – Intro 01:00 – Equality …


  1. Hello! Thank you for this video. I would like to have your contact either email address or social media pages, would like to discuss with you…


  2. My new Samsung 22 won't let me run UKGPRO because it says my Javascript is turned off. But I checked my settings and it says it's on. How can I fix this problem? I need to access the UKG app

  3. Thank you so much for this video! I have been living under a rock since I built my last great webapp, I got javascript certification in 08 without ever actually needing it before then and couldn't understand why the programing meme group was always saying how hard it was, then I started to learn one of the modern frameworks and was completely unaware that es6 changes were now standard and I finally understood why everyone was saying it was difficult. This doesn't really resemble the JS I learned back then, but after watching your video and looking up these things it makes a lot more sense now.

  4. I have no idea what anyone is talking about in the HTML and CSS, and Javascript YouTube tutorials. I would appreciate an hour- or hour-and-a-half Javascript tutorial to complete my ignorance. I'll send you some homemade chocolate pudding to sweeten the deal.

  5. I feel so overwhelmed 😞 I hope in another few years I’ll start to progress. Struggling a lot with learning and feeling like I’m not progressing.

  6. Started javascript a week ago and I can't understand anything what this guy is saying lol. Will save the video and watch back after few months.

  7. Another big one, although outside of the scope of this video, is cli syntax!

    Also, within the scope of this video:
    Inheritance (Classes and object notation), Encapsulation, Polymorphisms, and Abstraction

  8. Excellent video, I would just recommend avoiding over checking because it is often a sign of misunderstanding the workflow and its preconditions.
    I would also say don't try catch everything because it will lead your app to fall into inconsistent state

  9. 18 months on and still relevant. I like that you show techniques that are actually relevant in the workplace. Very clear, and nice and short. Good luck in any new ventures.

  10. The bags under yours eyes really sell the “I’m a JavaScript developer” message. Joking, but awesome video. Thank you.

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