Huge Nintendo Switch on Android improvements Yuzu Steam Deck and more

Huge Nintendo Switch on Android improvements Yuzu Steam Deck and more

Huge Nintendo Switch on Android improvements Yuzu Steam Deck and more

Hey all! In this video we go over the latest and greatest news in technology, gaming, open source and emulation!

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0:00 Skyline Emulator HUGE Update
2:17 Yuzu Steam Deck Improvements
2:40 Steam Deck OLED and Proton
3:36 Xbox Game Pass on Nintendo Switch?
4:21 RetroHub Frontend gets a new release
4:52 NHL23 Romhack
5:27 Malicious AI YouTube Videos

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  1. Big day for the Skyline Devs!! WOO!!

    Shoutouts to SRC267, Mr.X and Renpy Gamers for the news tips!

  2. 05:30 Here's how to tell if the link is malicious or not. IF it is just an .exe file under say 100mb or so, or if it's not the same MBs or GBs as the zip file, DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT, it will install ads and pop ups on your desktop that is very difficult to remove and requires even going into your appdata and windows c drive folders to get rid of it.

    Second, usually when you want to get pirated pc software, look for zip folders that can be unzipped using 7-Zip or Winrar and if the website gives you a password to unlock the folder. If the folder doesn't have a password BUT it has all of the files you need to patch the program offline (Keygen, .exe patch file, or generated keygen, installation folders, etc.), then you're good to go.

    Most malware stuff only contains a .exe file that is under 50 or 100MBs, don't download it unless the official program for say Adobe or Wondershare is the same file size as the trial version or full version of the PC program. Those types of videos target mostly preteens and teenagers between 10 and 17 whom are not educated in how to download pirated material the right way. However do keep in mind that not many can help you with it due to copyright, trademark and licensing laws in the US and international (Unless you live in the middle east, parts of Europe, Africa, China or Russia then Copyright may or may not exist as of yet).

  3. I love roster updates for old sports games. I hope the developers trolled Vegas fans by keeping Jon Quick a BlueJacket.

  4. Oled steem deck awesome. It should be a bit bigger screen size also fix over heating issues with revision. Then I'll buy it

  5. They finally fixed audio entirely in Kirby star allies, but story mode still not playable…and i know why (when getting into the story mode Kirby is just running in one direction but I don't control it?

  6. I disagree, I think MS acquisition of A/B would just hurt the industry, taking whole publishers away from other platforms isn't really good for us, Cloud gaming isn't great on the switch and it's proven not to be anywhere near ready yet…(STADIA is Proof), I really how the A/B falls through, it will be better for gaming in general and maybe Xbox finally puts some effort into making games for once.

  7. This is the year of SKYLINE, it wouldn't suprise me if tl by the end of the year were going to see almost every switch game running at 100% on SKYLINE

  8. Xbox can own Activision Blizzard.
    Just don't let all of those IPs fall through the cracks

  9. How do we update the Skyline emulator. do we download APK every time. and how to update each Rom. There is no game update option.

  10. Skyline went so far in a short time
    Thanks to their and yuzu team cause they provide them with a great assistance

  11. Oh snappp. Did anyone check if project diva megamix is running on skyline edge with sound now

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