Install, Patch, and Customize DWM 6.3 on Debian Testing

Install, Patch, and Customize DWM 6.3 on Debian Testing

Install, Patch, and Customize DWM 6.3 on Debian Testing

My dwm gitlab repo has not been updated to dwm 6.3 just yet. I will get around to it soon.

GitHub (kinda dormant)

GitLab (fairly active)

suckless website


Twitter, MeWe,

Software I use:
Librewolf — Web Browser
Firefox — Web Browser
OBS Studio — Recording Software
Kdenlive — Video Editor
Audacity — Audio Editor
Vim/Neovim — Text Editor


  1. Sorry… I didn't understand anything. Is not an installation from scratch.

  2. Great video ! Which WM would you suggest is best out of the box with least config. I just want to get working with it asap

  3. gruvebox dark has some issues with libreoffice as the main/home screen window background and foreground colors are black.

  4. Another question (I hope I'm allowed more questions, I know I'm not worthy).

    Do you remember what patches you have on ST?

  5. Nice. You edumated me.

    Question . . . Why do you use Dmenu from apt via suckless tools instead of wget from suckless org?

  6. I moved from Xmonad to DWM thinking I needed a lot of features. After a week in dwm I realized that I didn't need all the things that I spent hours configuring in xmonad. I only have one patch, 'no title'. How do I update my dwm? The only thing I can think of is apply my 1 patch to the HEAD lol. Seriously, how do people update with all them patchs? Some may conflict with dwm git repo.

  7. You know man..I just checked again and I have had alerts enabled for your channel since the start. I am not sure why I don't get squat when you roll up.
    Anyway great to see you still at it. I hope the family is well. Guess what after that strange vacation away from Deb, I am back. I tried out Man-XFCE, also F36-XFCE (weird Deb/Arch vibe to it) and decided to come home. Good thing I have tons of .txt files and your videos 🙂 to re teach myself.
    BTW, did you give up on BTRFS on root in Deb11?

  8. my guy the dabbler! thought you were dead my dude… 😂 glad to get some new content 😏

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