Pointers in golang

Pointers in golang

Pointers in golang

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  1. Thanks for the clear explanation

    func main() {


    a := 10

    fmt.Println("Value of 'a': ", a)

    fmt.Printf("Type of 'a': %T", a)

    b := &a

    fmt.Println("Value of 'b': ", b)

    fmt.Println("Value of the variable whose address is stored at b: ", *b)

    fmt.Printf("Type of 'b': %T", b)



    Value of 'a': 10

    Type of 'a': intValue of 'b': 0xc00000e0c0

    Value of the variable whose address is stored at b: 10

    Type of 'b': *int

    Why is the Type of 'b', asterisk int?

  2. could you please share these tutorial files ? If you've this somewhere may be on Git ?
    Thanks !

  3. Says that pointers are usually overexplained and then goes ahead and overexplains it 😂

  4. Put simply, learnt in C and stands true also for Go
    &a means memory address of a.
    var b= &a
    * b means value at memory address of a.

    Awesome video !!

  5. Sir please make video golang with dynamo db and redis please 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  6. Very good explanation!
    It would be nice to show also an example to use pointer and reference with function usage. like calling a function which getting an argument by pointer.
    Anyway, Thanks a lot !!!

  7. I checked the type of reference object , to know everything works and it says it has the type of "*int" , which is a pointer!

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