Day in remote iOS developer life

Day in remote iOS developer life

Day in remote iOS developer life

Day in remote freelance iOS developer life.
I was planning to record one of those “Day in a life of ..” type videos for a while, but that kind of tricky, because my workdays are not the same. Especially if I’m mixing work with travel. So I decided to pick one of the most average weeks and record some part of it and put it together to represent how my average workday looks like.
It could be presented like an “eat-sleep-code” as well, but the reality is somewhere in the middle.

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  1. Hi! I am learning iOS development, and would like to get some insights on portfolio projects which will look good on a resume. Thanks alot!

  2. I am an App developer and a Digital Nomad, running app agency W3care. Excellent Video.

  3. That's interesting! My day normally goes by guessing which variant of ramen noodles to make for today and then second-guessing my decision.

  4. Thanks, very inspiring video, I been searching for remote ios job for weeks but couldn't get one any advice ?

  5. Wow i like your life man, i wish i had a job like you, currently i'm stuck with my daily 9-5 ios developer job

  6. Hi I am a Web developer and I write PHP and JAVA, So is that a good time in 2020 to start iOS app development and I use Macbook Pro for my daily development.

  7. Good video. As well i am trying to have a few hours of coding in the morning before job. How many hours of sleep do you get per night?

  8. Thanks Aivars! I completely agree about the fact that it's clearly not a linear pattern🙂 But I guess that's also what we like😉

  9. You want any team member to help you on your projext , i can help as i am also

  10. Paldies par interesanto video! Ja Tu celies 4, tad cikos ej gulēt? Un ja Tev sanāk, tad var būt uztaisi video par Tavu jauno MikroTik rūteri, lūdzu.

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