This will change CS:GO Skins Trading…

This will change CS:GO Skins Trading…

This will change CS:GO Skins Trading...

A new Chinese trading platform has just popped up this morning, so I decided to make a quick video of what we know now. This might change the way CS:GO skins are being traded in China and may seriously impact CS:GO economy.

Please let me know what you think about the topic in the comments section below.


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  1. That's crazy but probably work outside of China/Perfect World because Valve wouldn't want to have connections to direct bank payouts for your skins.

  2. Bruh you need to lower the fck outta the brightness of the whites in videos, this is fcked

  3. i dont have trust in the chinese. so no i wont trade on that obvious scam of a website

  4. Wow.
    This would be so dope if it was global.
    I doubt it will ever happen, but that would be nuts.
    Makes sense that Valve would have to step in if in China you had to break tos to use the market.

  5. I still wait for an app that is supporting west and china at the same time with actual users (buffmarket have no users)

  6. they probably can just disable 7 day wait on official site bots. they wont enable it on gambling sites but they would on just regular trading sites. gambling sites was originally the issue that cause this whole 7 day bullshit doubt they would be getting the special treatment

  7. When opskins and cslounge died I thought cs trading would die, instead it proved me wrong grew more. This won't change anything in the big picture.

  8. Yeah, i really don't trust the chinese, honestly they are always dodgy. I'm using skinport and it's 5/5 stars and the easiest site to use so i will stick with this one (i had so many problems with others except skinport).
    Thanks but no thanks.

  9. The error i had was most likely due to my alipay account not being a chinese number so i was unable to register to sell

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