Understanding Windows Server Editions

Understanding Windows Server Editions

Understanding Windows Server Editions


Level: Beginner
Presenter: Eli the Computer Guy
Date Created: April 8, 2010
Length of Class: 30 Minutes


Introduction to Servers
Understanding Licensing for Servers
Purpose of Class

This class explains the arcane world of Windows Server Editions. Picking the right server Windows Operating System is not as easy as it used to be.
Topics Covered

Web Edition
Foundation Edition
Small Business Server
Standard Edition
Server Software
Real World Considerations for Deciding on the Correct Server Operating System
Class Notes

The Server Operating System is an Operating System that has been optimized to deal with client computer interactions.
Functionality such as Email, SQL, VPN End Point, Active Directory are all components that are in addition to the core Operating System
Windows Server Web Edition
Only for Web Services no Active Directory
Windows Server 2008 R2 Foundation
Active Directory
Only 15 users
Small Business Server
Bill Gates gift to Small Businesses
Includes Exchange and a number of high level services normally only accessible by large corporations
Server Standard Edition
Most common
Gives standard functionality — Active Directory, File/ Print Sharing, IIS, VPN
Other Editions
If you don’t know what they are you probably don’t need them — Enterprise, Data Center, HPC
Server Software
Some server software you have to buy in addition to the Server Operating System
Some server software requires additional access licenses just like Server CAL’s
Exchange — Email Server
MSSQL — SQL/ Database Server
Sharepoint — Document Management
Final Thoughts…
Get the edition you need!
Total cost of licensing can make the purchase of a piece of software go from affordable to impossible. (Example of $3000 work order system that required Windows Server, MSSQL and Exchange to function)

Windows Server Price List
Windows Server Licensing Overview
Windows Server Role Comparison
For Questions: My Account Rep at CDW is Lauren Booth at 877-741-4552 . She’ll treat you well. Just tell her Eli the Computer Guy sent you.


  1. Thank you for being so patient and detailed, while keeping it easy to digest., thanks and subscribed.

  2. why ELi, does anyone bother with Windows servers? The learning curve for linux is kind of small in my opinion

  3. Hi Eli, I have a question regarding windows server 2008. what is the difference between (full installation) and (server core installation)?


  4. Bro really you are explaining good but they are not in my syllabus 😩😩😅

  5. I want to use my server as a file server and run a website from it. What Windows Server do I need? I would like to use Windows Server 2016.

  6. Eli, i'm sure this might have been asked before however, Will Server administration ever get so automated (AKA easy) in the future so that IT admin's will be a limited few? THX.

  7. Hi, I am trying to install the window server 2k3 on dell drac 4/i but I m not able to install the windows getting error "setup unable to access the files needed to continue. this could be caused by CD media or cd media no longer present when I click close I get error internal datastructre get corrupted

  8. This was really informative. I just passed my Net+ course and little things like this they don`t tell you or teach you lol.

  9. I have windows 10 as my operating system, can i install a stand alone Sharepoint with it ? or i really need a Windows server as an operating system ? And i encounter this Windows Server 2016 Datacenter, it doesn't look like an operating system what is it for ? Sorry for my ignorance I'm new to this kind of stuffs

  10. Thanks Eli. Can you do an updated version for Windows Server 2012 and 2016 – Thank you

  11. :O 720p On A 2010 Video :O I
    You Might Say /
    "Its Not 2010 Its 2011" I
    Its Not Look At The Description I
    Level: Beginner /
    Presenter: Eli the Computer Guy
    Date Created: April 8, 2010 <—————
    Length of Class: 30 Minutes

  12. First time hearing all these things…I am in software field for 10 years…Amazing video…

  13. Oh Datacenter and Enterprise are very accessible. MS used to provide the images of 2008R2 and 7 via a third party until a couple years or so ago. Mirrors of these ISOs still exist in a few places, and since the hashes are well known the chances of infection are by far orders of magnitude less than minimal. The only remaining step is finding a certain KMS "toolkit" I won't refer to by name that will allow you to do activation re-armings (which is also allowed with slmgr.vbs) all the way up to actually running KMS client/server emulators to accomplish KMS activation.

    2008 R2 will always have a special place in my heart, as the last UNIX-certified Windows (with MS Interix/SUA, or Services for UNIX-based Applications).

  14. Hi Eli, i saw 4 videos overall since yesterday. All are very informative and nicely presented. Thank you very much for this :). These are insightful. I am also planning to share it with my colleagues. Let me know if you have any video on SQL Server or Oracle database licensing… I am also interested to know if you have any class on datacenter and phy. h/w servers (types with examples). Thanks 🙂

  15. looking at getting a server with windows 2008r2 sp2, I want to know if when people utilize webmail or exchange email services do each person connecting to webmail, or receiving their emails use a CAL? or just people or other servers accessing the server at the time. 

  16. Even though it's an old video, it got me started along the path to find the 'new' Server 2012 Essentials (SBS replacement)… and saved my client a lot of money!! And alerted me to version of server that even my CDW rep didn't tell me about!!

  17. You make me realize how much microsoft sucks. If i owned a company id get a Linux server instead, at the long run it will be A LOT cheaper and no such thing as "oops, this software doesn't do what we need… lets pay $1000 more!" lol. Thanks for opening my eyes! <3

  18. Very good ressource as i was seeking for guidiance on how to build up a new network. Worth mentioning is, that Windows Server 2008 R2 Foundation is only capable of 8 GB RAM. If you need to allocate more than 8 GB you should use x64 editions of either Web Server, Small Business Server or Standard.
    More on this topic here: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/aa366778%28v=vs.85%29.aspx#physical_memory_limits_windows_server_2008_r2

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