This INSANE Titan Build Makes You a PvE GOD! [Destiny 2 Titan Build]

This INSANE Titan Build Makes You a PvE GOD! [Destiny 2 Titan Build]

This INSANE Titan Build Makes You a PvE GOD! [Destiny 2 Titan Build]

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This New Arc Build allows your Titan to completely destroy everything in the game using the new Arc 3.0 Subclass Update in Season 19 with the Striker Subclass Super – Thundercrash. This is one of the best top meta builds currently for the Titan in my opinion as a top PvE Titan Build this Season when using the new Arc 3.0 Builds. This new Titan Arc build is INSANE!

This build has been updated for Season 19 to make use of the new artifact mods Weakened Clear and Lucent Finisher, but if you’re a solo player then you can also use Solo Operative to benefit the build further because you will be using the Heart of Inmost Light Titan Exotic Chest Armor to improve your End Game experience by allowing you to have infinite arc abilities one after another which can be buffed by Solo Operative. You can also use other exotics to master this build like the Cuirass of the Falling Star, Wormgod Caress, Dunemarchers and a lot more to max out your arc abilities to have the best dps on bosses and champions. You can also pair this build with many different new exotics and mods in the game but I thought Heart of Inmost Light and Cuirass of the Falling Star were the best for end game PvE.

This is the best Titan Build in Destiny 2 Season 19 / Season of the Seraph / Witch Queen in 2022 this year and is definitely worth using if you are going to use the new Arc 3.0 Titan Subclass Update! You can get the the Heart of Inmost Light Exotic Armor for the Titan from the random exotic engrams that drop or Xur on the weekends in Season 19.

You can use Charged with Light mods as well as new elemental well mods to enhance this build. This is my best titan arc build for pve in 2022! PvE Titan Build in Destiny 2 Season of the Seraph. New destiny 2 Titan Arc 3.0 Build. New Arc Aspects & Fragments Touch of Thunder, Knockout, Spark of Beacons, Spark of Shock and more! These Arc Aspects/Fragments will give you buffs like Jolts, Amplified and Blinding, you can also generate Ionic Traces.

Let me know what best builds you want me to cover next in Destiny 2! For now, give this new 2022 titan build in destiny 2 a try!


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  1. Install Raid for Free ✅ IOS/ANDROID/PC: and get a special starter pack 💥 Available only for the next 30 days

    Hey all, thanks so much for tuning in! This is PART 2 to the new Season 19 Class Builds Playlist, introducing the SECOND BUILD of the new Season 19 Playlist, so today, we have our Arc Ability Build for the Titan that doiminates! See DIM Link and more info below. Thanks all, you're all amazing!





    Check out all my other Class Builds for Season 19 here (playlist)

    Check out all my other OLDER Class Builds for Season 18 here (playlist)

  2. I’m getting so annoyed with this build. I’m using a different build but it’s meant for spam nades. And sometimes I can spam them and sometimes I cant

  3. Don’t stack elemental ordnance if you’re not using bountiful wells because otherwise only one well will spawn even though you’re running multiple copies of ordnance

  4. Can this be run with a Machinegun like Thunderlord? Right now my problem is I cant get into a Raid I cant find a guild that will help me get into raids and does activities like the ones I need to get better skills and gearz. So right now my best bet is a thunderlord, I might go build a tarnation w/ voltshot, and then my enyo-d. is the best thing I can think of. Any help would be appriciated and does anyone have a active guild that helps new to guild players?
    Convarion#6158 if you do hit me up any time I love to learn this stuff…..Im glad there are player like you that theorycraft and get into the nitty gritty. Thanks

  5. Is this gameplay before the nerf? My grenade doesnt recharge as fast as yours after I thrust.. I have copied everything from your build except for the 100 discipline. But your grenade recharge insanely fast

  6. Here's my arc titan build I've been using for a while now and doesn't need any seasonal mods so it's good for future content too

    Exotic Armour piece – Heart of inmost Light

    Aspects – touch of thunder, knockout
    Fragments – spark of shock, spark of resistance, spark of magnitude, spark of amplitude (important for this build)

    Abilities – Thruster (quick cool down and helps with the fast paced tempo of the build, strafe lift (preference), thunderclap (health regen), pulse grenade as it creates ionic traces for more energy to spam grenades and has good overall DPS but storm grenades work fine too.

    Armour mods

    Solar Helm – X2 ashes to assets, Heal thyself

    Void arms – X2 bolstering detonation, elemental ordnance

    Arc Chest – concussive dampener, arc resistance, taking charge

    Solar Legs – X2 recuperation, Heal thyself

    Solar titan mark – X2 bomber, Elemental charge

    So this build you want to aim for max resilience and discipline and primarily it focuses on ability spam preferably grenades and I found that arc titan doesn't really have as good a survivability compared to void and solar so tried making a balanced build that focuses on good ability regen and spam but using the healthyself mod to keep you topped up in battle alongside the spark of amplitude which is going to create orbs for rapidly defeating targets while amplified which in turn is going to allow you to trigger recuperation when you pick them up for more sources of healing and then you become charged with light or if your super is full you can create a well on grenade defeat to also become charged so you have multiple ways of obtaining it. Using this alongside HOIL exotic just aids the ability spam but if you don't have this then armamentarium works well too just not quite as effective. Hope this helps anyone and apologies for the long comment lol.

  7. can you start adding time stamps back into your videos? I found them really useful before is all

  8. Explain to me how I have on the exact same armor mods loadout, artifact and all and I can kill 20 enemies with 1 grenadeband it doesn't regenerate another grenade

  9. I love build crafting videos, but I wish people would realize not everyone has Artifice Armor and adjust their DIM links accordingly.

  10. So I'm guessing if I don't have HoIL or CotFS(don't ask me how) Armamentarium would be nice 3rd?

  11. So In place of anarchy, what heavy would be best? Also what about dead messenger or another wave frame

  12. The dungeon this season single handedly has me hooked on this seasons tbh. Finally get to use these builds in some content I think is fun to be in

  13. Not sure if this is the exact reason you didn't get the +20 strength buff with radiant light… but you need to have another arc charged with light mod equipped for the second perk to be active. This got me when i tried to do a triple 100 build. You may do better just to do another font of might

    Great video. I'm going to check out the build on my titan. I really need to get me Anarchy.

  14. is the lightning crystal modifier bugged right now? sometimes it works sometimes it doesnt

  15. I can't even use the artifact mods, I unlocked them and they aren't appearing to equip

  16. Returning player, I haven't got a clue what half this stuff is for the build. Regardless this will definitely help me not miss important pieces when levelling. Cheers for the guide, excited to try it out. Subbed.

  17. I switched to main Titan this season bc my friends need one. And I honestly can’t play anything but arc bc it’s soo much better than everything else.

  18. Not sure if anyone has an answer, but today I decided to run some legendary nightfalls today while it was lightning crystals. I used a titan grenade spam build and it worked as usual. I realized I didn't equip any champ mods, backed out to equip some, and then started a new nightfall. Since equipping a barrier bow mod, my grenades charged at a (w/out lightning crystal) rate. 100 discipline/ 100 resilience

  19. I am not feeling season 19 at the moment. The unlocked artifacts are awful. Not impressed. I have been using overload round on SMG and Auto-rifle and honestly I shouldn’t have bothered, it doesn’t work. Perhaps BUNGIE needs a rethink on this artifacts stuff.

  20. I cant use any of the class armor mods, they just aren't appearing under my mod list in the armor piece

  21. Hello, still new to destiny meta and builds. How are you getting what seems like infinite grenades?

  22. Nice build! Just one question, can i switch the green ammo grenade launcher for a fusion rifle?

  23. this will be good, when they finally fix the fuck up with the class item mods, as of now you cant use them cause they dont show up

  24. im just not feeling comfortable taking radiant light, i dont see anybody using charged with light mods anymore

  25. hi there how did you get all the artefact mods so quick, and how did you do it, and what's the quickest way to get shards to upgrade armour, and lastly I've never done a dungeon so i don't have the armour or weapons, i have been playing since before arrivals and just cant get any help I'm on a PS5, so i have only played like half the game but bungie recon I'm in the top 10% i haven't done kings fall or any of those things can you help. your builds are great and have helped a lot depending on what im doing all my men are 100% discipline and resilience on all abilities. Thanks.

  26. My favourite thing recently is grinding a master nightfall with my brother as a duo when the lightning crystals mod is on the daily rotation. He runs arc warlock and i run arc titan. I create endless barricades and spam storm grenades whilst he puts down the healing rifts and cracks the shields. We got so much crafting materials last season during double nightfall rewards.

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