The Complete Cemu Install Guide | Maximum Performance Setup

The Complete Cemu Install Guide | Maximum Performance Setup

The Complete Cemu Install Guide | Maximum Performance Setup

A Complete ( & Copyright Free) Guide to installing and optimizing Cemu Emulator for the Best Possible Performance. This guide also shows you how to use the brand new patches to play BOTW at 120 FPS+, with extended Draw Distance and little to no physics issues

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Welcome Back 0:00
Guide Start 0:38
Updating Games/Adding DLC 4:00
Using Graphics Packs 5:14
Emulator Debug/Video Settings 4:55
General/Video Settings 10:09
Controller & Motion Control Setup 12:02
Game Profiles/Multicore Settings 14:43
CPU, GPU & RAM Optimizations 15:35

► C++ Redistributable 2017 Download (REQUIRED)

► Cemu Download

►Cemuhook Download

►DS4 Windows (Needed for DS4 motion controls)

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► My PC Specs:
i7 10700K @5.0Ghz
16gb DDR4 3200Mhz RAM
Nvidia RTX 3070
256gb NVME M.2 SSD

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  1. This video was re-edited and reuploaded. My previous video was copyright blocked by Big N due to the intro containing 4 seconds of BOTW gameplay shown on my monitor. Apparently that isnt allowed now also. Thank you all for your continued support

  2. Is it possible to get a wii u games folder without having it at first? I do have it on the switch, but not on the wii u so I am not able to extract it although I paid for it

  3. nobody explains where to get the zelda download file, million videos on cemu make one about the game file

  4. BE CAREFUL: Everything in this tutorial was legit… BESIDES CemuHook, which by all means of scanning and malware detection was flagged as a Trojan virus.

  5. You need to update your video to say F2 NOT F1 to activate free camera. Remember, always double your work before posting any how to videos.

  6. I just don't understand I have been looking everywhere trying to figure out where or how to get the game files or update files and I give up. it's taking to long with nothing to show but frustration.

  7. what if you do not have ps4 or psf controller does it work for nintindo switch controllers?

  8. but how do i install zelda its the whole reason im here could you please make a full tutorial on how to install wii usb helper and zelda breath of the wild and cemu all in one, there is not a single video out here that has that so please help me out.

  9. P.s. no one should listen to this kid named alex cerzea, he doesn't know anything about emulation. He thinks the wii u was a portable console and because it was "weaker than a ps3" that you don't need a decent pc to run botw at 60 fps with enhancements…lmao

  10. Not sure what is going wrong, but I did all these steps and my botw is running at like 10 fps. I have a gtx 1060 and 16 gb of ram, so not sure whats going on.

  11. Can't f find a download source for Zelda BOTW……. Can someone please help me?

  12. When i open up graphics packs there are no folders such as Mods or Cheats. Idk what to do

  13. Worked flawlessly, thank you so much! Clear, concise, to the point, and no filler. Absolute legend, this guy.

  14. you left out 1 minor detail….where does 1 get a botw file that works with this method? cuz mine doesnt

  15. how good can it do on a normal laptop? if not playable I will not be trying, great video and thanks.

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