Which Nintendo Switch?

Which Nintendo Switch?

Which Nintendo Switch?


  1. I would like a oled but at the same time no cause I already have an original switch and it would be money down the drain for a few more features

  2. Original if u use tv mode most
    Lite if u use portable mode most
    Oled if u use both modes.

  3. the old regular switch is fine and if you have a launch model you can mod it easily (all models are mod-able but launch is easiest) also not all old regular switches are launch model but launch models used are fairly cheap as well and the only benefits of oled vs standard is the screen and battery barley doesnt play any better rest of the hardware is the same

  4. The regular switch is the best it’s better than the lite and the same exact thing as the OLED the only difference is the graphic but if you play it on TV there is no difference ( and it’s cheaper than the OLED)

  5. V1 unpatched for the cfw 🙊 or either of them with some microsoldering exp 😅

  6. I have both……. Both the oled for the wife and to play games when she's watching TV. Turned out we both wanted to use it mainly at the same time so I got myself the lite. Both have their benefits. I do use a controller with my lite and a case that has a stand to use it in "Table top mode"

  7. forgot to mention that the lite cant play all games due to some needing you to play with joy-cons like switch sports if you want the lite just make sure to check the back of the box of games you buy to make sure its compatible

  8. You’re wrong about the Switch Lite it’s handheld and tabletop only. 😂

  9. Nah bro I'm saving my day one switch until some group of people decide it's worth 500 dollars for some unknown reason

  10. Important detail: BOTH have stick drift, and if you dont want to go through replacing the sticks yourself, then only the original and OLED have the ability to replace the controllers. If you get stick drift on the lite and dont wanna open the thing up… Good luck lmao

  11. oled and lite there is no regular
    and you CAN'T connect controlers to lite
    man please think before posting

  12. Truly the Nintendo switch lite consume less and have longer duration of battery than the switch and switch oled, because It have the display smaller and It have a different hardware

  13. I would get the Oled if I didn’t have a regular one. But since I don’t play handheld often, it’s not worth upgrading. Instead I just bought the dock separately to get the built in Ethernet port

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