Galaxy Book 3 PRO vs M2 MacBook Air – SORRY, INTEL… 😂

Galaxy Book 3 PRO vs M2 MacBook Air – SORRY, INTEL… 😂

Galaxy Book 3 PRO vs M2 MacBook Air - SORRY, INTEL... 😂

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Timestamps ⬇️
Galaxy Book3 Pro vs M2 MBA – 00:00
Design Differences – 00:35
Battery Life & Charging – 03:58
Keyboards & Trackpads – 04:29
Speaker Comparison – 06:08
Display Comparison – 07:10
HDR Video Quality – 07:53
SSD Speed Test – 08:44
File Transfer Test – 09:29
Geekbench 6 CPU Test – 10:07
Geekbench 6 Metal/Vulkan – 12:34
3DMark Wild Life Extreme – 13:03
Figma Web Design Test – 14:24
Web Browsing Performance – 15:34
Cinebench R23 Stress Test – 15:50
Lightroom Classic Photo Editing – 17:52
Which Laptop is BETTER? – 18:38

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  1. It's unfair to compare a laptop running an operating system (kernel, and all the applications) only optimized for that particular device. Everything is compiled to run under one configuration where Windows will run on basically every device on the planet. Let's talk about compatibility… then Windows (or even Linux at this point) will turn MacOS into garbage. The same thing goes for iOS vs Android. I wish Microsoft would develop a custom-made kernel only to run on their own devices and see what happens.

  2. You have to put the samsung into performance mode via the samsung software, the windows performance mode doesn't do anything so that's why it might have been nerfed in the ssd test for example.

  3. Great review but you turn to be bias when reviewing apple products with others


    In Windows if you select max performance, the CPU will run on it's max frequency (e.g. 4 GHz) all the time unnecessarily even without Load. So, it will drain the battery faster. In balanced mode, CPU changes it's frequency as needed. Now, don't say like fool that in Macbook, the CPU always runs at high frequency. It throttles/increses frequency as needed. Galaxy book gives around 7-8 Hours battery life easily in balanced mode.

  5. Intel has been a joke since 2nd gen ryzen. Samsung is also a joke in itself.

  6. Macbook with touch and 120hz display probably like 3500 dollars (if it ever comes out), samsung is cheaper and can do all the things mac book can, just a bit slower.

  7. Funny how he calls Lightroom a "real world test", when in "real world" only a tiny fraction of population uses Lightroom. It would be the same as I called Cinebench a "real world test" because I do CPU 3d rendering.

  8. Can hardly wait to see all the comparisons you guys will do between the different devices.

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