Project 1: Tic Tac Toe Game Android Game Development | Android Tutorials in Hindi #5

Project 1: Tic Tac Toe Game Android Game Development | Android Tutorials in Hindi #5

Project 1: Tic Tac Toe Game Android Game Development | Android Tutorials in Hindi #5

In this video, we will see how to develop Tic tac toe game in android using android studio from scratch along with other android tips and tricks.
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  1. bhai aapne ye playlist ke starting mein hi app bana diya kuch basics nahi bataya
    maine aapki bhout saari playlist access kari hai lekin sabsi kharab beekar ye lagi meko true hai bhai

  2. from where can I get the images u are using?…..It's getting messed up with the pictures downloaded from the internet

  3. stuck with some design issue all the images having red sign saying nested layout weight ( everything is looking fine in design but when running in emulator all the images are going off the grid any one with fix ) followed same steps still getting these errors ??

  4. bhai x ki pic ni mil rhi🥲🥲mil rhi to fit ni baith rhi
    aap apna wla share krdete to sahi rehta

  5. Haary Bhai jab game Tie ho gaya meand "koi bhi nahi jeeta tab " game stop ho gaya …

  6. First Tap : change the gameState[0] = 3 and check it inside the playerTapped function

  7. Sir mujhe bahot sari code smjh hi nhi aayi why we used? 🤔
    Mujhe coding krne me bahot si problems aarhi h

  8. //This is how you adapt to the TIE condition
    //Stick this code after for loop
    String checkArr = Arrays.toString(gameState);
    checkArr= checkArr.replace(", ","");
    checkArr= checkArr.replace("[","");
    checkArr= checkArr.replace("]","");
    emptyBlocks = true;
    emptyBlocks = false;
    if(!emptyBlocks) {
    String winnerStr = "Its a tie!!";
    TextView status = findViewById(;
    gameOn = false;

    //This is how you make it wait till the second tap before the game is reset
    if (!gameOn) {




  9. very nice ,
    harry bhai isme wo condition nhi hai jisme koi win nahi hota , uske bad game reset hona chahiye

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