Anarchy Online – DB2 – Keeper Solo

Anarchy Online – DB2 – Keeper Solo

Anarchy Online - DB2 - Keeper Solo

Soloing DB2 self-buffed on a Nanomage Keeper in a caster setup.
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  1. Setup:

    Ground Chief Aune does ~60% Cold damage, ~40% Energy damage against my Keeper, so a reflect bracer is pretty good. Her Energy damage comes from this weapon, and I guess her Cold damage comes from this weapon, so all of her attacks probably check Dodge. That makes Penultimate OFAB Sleeves and Support Feet really good.

    Trying to keep Benevolent Barrier, Imminence of Extermination, and Barrier of the Righteous up at all times. Recasting Watch Ward very frequently, ideally when its current blockers are consumed and it's not about to refresh on its own.

    As far as mechanics go, the one dispelled by jumping on the cloud is rough because of the Dodge debuff, so I try to keep Bio Cocoon for when that happens. And it's necessary to destroy red towers even when not ranged because there's some enrage mechanic or something that ~doubles her damage if they stay up for too long (like 10-15 mins maybe). Falling can actually be a convenient survival tool but my fall this time was just accidental. I've had her reset on me when using falling as a survival tool, so usually I just LoS behind a wall instead.

  2. I’ve been playing a solitus keeper. Very similar gear setup. It’s very impressive how you manage your Nano pool. I run out and die but still after putting up a fairly good fight. Thinking I may have to breed change to Nanomage.

  3. motivated by your vids i tryed and soloed d2 with enfo 😀 Self buffed i need to cower behind wall sometimes to charge, with outside buffs i dont even run out.

  4. Really impressive. You actually got me back to Anarchy Online after many years away. Currently 125 on my melee energy nanomage keeper 🙂

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