CRAZY! Search Has Moved to LAND! the Delphi Murders

CRAZY! Search Has Moved to LAND! the Delphi Murders

CRAZY! Search Has Moved to LAND! the Delphi Murders

#delphi #abbyandlibby #truecrime
todays live show we going over the latest updates on the Delphi Murders and the search at Wabash River!!
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16 year old Kiely Rodni went to a party on Aug. 6th at the Prosser Family Campground and never made it back home. She was last seen in Truckee, CA at the Prosser Family Campground about 12 miles from her home in Lost Trail Lodge.

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  1. The ISP, the lsst time I looked, took the physical description of yhe perp off their web site.

  2. Tony Kline has a facial expression and demeanor that make my hair stand up on my neck. I ALWAYS know it when somebody is like that.

  3. Why do so many people say PITCHER. It's PICTURE with a "C". A PITCHER is to pour water or throw a baseball.

  4. The figured out KK made the Anthony Shots account very shortly after the murders. If it ends up being that simple, then it’s ridiculous that it took 5+ years to solve.

  5. I live in Peru and the Wabash river is constantly really high and then low. So it's possible they're looking on land because the river could have been high at the time they threw it in. When the river is high it goes way up into those trees. I hope they find what they're looking for and the girls can finally get justice. I live a couple blocks from where Kegan lived and it disgusts me.

  6. I don't think that Kegan is the killer. He's way too big to be the Bridge Guy. He would not be able to walk as fast as the BG did. I think the BG is an older man in his late 40's to early 50's. Also, it looks like Libby was the target. Why? I think the family knows more than what they are telling us. Secrets??

  7. I’ve started before that it’s likely that the rest of the video that was ongoing from her cell phone will be in ICLOUD storage.
    Her parents would be able to access the entire video that was recorded which is much longer than the mere seconds they released.
    I know everything from my IPhone automatically downloads to ICloud.
    Those girls deserve justice and that phone recorded the deaths and how police haven’t solved this yet is baffling.

  8. If there’s been any flooding in recent years it could be on land also. I know a weapon may be heavy enough to sink but you never know.

  9. You mentioned the locals. I wish we knew which commenters were locals because many of them have to have a much better idea then us or at least some of them because someone’s gonna tell their spouse what they saw who will tell their friend who will tell their family etc.

  10. I wonder if a catfish could have decided to eat the weapon used especially if blood was on it its a possibility, i fished for catfish my whole life n river catfish never cease to amaze me, i found one once after a flood the tried to swallow a kick ball , it was stuck in its mouth n swimming at the top of the water, I had to deflate it n helped him out. but anything with blood a catfish is on to it. in this case i hope not, I pray they find what they are looking for and can soon arrest the perv responsible for such evil

  11. So, we are to believe that the suspect is willfully giving up items involved in the case but at the same time he is not admitting to being involved ? If there is some sort of confession shouldn't the public be notified so we can at least know that the offender is no longer on the street ? I am so frustrated with the way these small town LE are dealing with this case!! like why can't we see and hear more of that video from the bridge ? I don't think they could mess up this investigation any more than they have already. Those girls deserve much better than this!! WAKE UP Delphi LE !!

  12. Hi Chris. I enjoyed your content very much. Whenever I hear that there's 48 minutes of that recording on the bridge and they have given us barely four seconds, it drives me batty.
    I do have a suggestion, and I offer this advice in a very humble offering to you and as a former public speaker. I think it would be helpful for you to watch your video back with the captions on. You may notice a word or two that you use countless times throughout your video. Hearing that word over and over makes it feel like it's coming from a megaphone and can severely impede the point you are trying to make. We can start to focus on that one word instead of the content. Peace and respect!

  13. Captain Howdy was also the screen name of a serial killer in this movie called Strangeland, with Dee Snider as the character.

  14. Complete cover-up by Indiana State police Superintendent Doug Carter for aiding and abetting the Bridge guy killer Carroll County sheriff's deputy/detective Kevin Hammond…from the getgo.

  15. Your efforts and purpose are appreciated! Very much!
    Some of your content is hard to follow, lots of starts and stops and could be better with more prep? Just positive criticism as I’m a fan of the channel! Thanks for what you do.

  16. Thank you @CopperHorse for gifting 🎁 me a membership! I love watching MOB crew!

  17. We all just need to stop doing side by side comparisons in this Delphi case. It's beyond that.

  18. I didn't notice any ISP or LE in the land search? I think it's obvious someone threw something over the walking bridge but wouldn't it have to be a more recent case to do this type of thing if they were just looking and not digging or using metal detectors?

  19. I still believe the old man whose property the girls were found on… Was the bridge guy. There's even a news interview with that old man doing an interview and it appeared to be the same outfit as BG. He even carried a fanny pack. The old man died tho…. Whatever his name was. The millionaire old man of the town. What was his name….

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