The Matrix Reloaded – Oracle 2

The Matrix Reloaded – Oracle 2

The Matrix Reloaded - Oracle 2


  1. psychotic, nihilistic, neurotic film series by psychotic, nihilistic, neurotic creators

  2. 🗝️ Manipulation or Something to think about. Giving the thought a time to consider.

  3. Amazing scene. Love it so much. INFJs for the win. Amazing work oracle, I miss you.

  4. Love the matrix films but 2&3 were just made for money they weren’t originally a story that existed so they lack soul

  5. I REALLY wish she couldve lived to be in the 3rd one. loved her in the movies. RIP ❤️

  6. The matrix is perhaps the most impressive series in history .

    It was made at the very tail end of progress.
    The 2005ish era is when change from doing effort to whatever one can get get most from doing the least became style

  7. That is such a cool concept, making the supernatural as programs in the matrix going rogue and messing with people.

  8. The most disrespectful move from her was not warning Neo about Smith, who literally appears the next second after she leaves.

  9. Oracle could have told him to go certain way to avoid the mess after she left!

  10. "Choice is an illusion made by those with power and those with out it."

    The Oracle, and the Architect, are two sides of the same coin. One tells you what is going to happen. The other tells you why it is going to happen. No matter what you do, think or feel. you will make it happen. Because that is your job and The One is just another program.

  11. Talks in part about reincarnation and enlightenment. It has been said that those that reach enlightenment, no longer have to endure the suffering of never ending rebirth/reincarnation. There are those that choose reincarnation again to help others.

  12. "Every story you´ve ever heard about vampires, werewolves or illegal immigrants is the system asimilating some program is doing something they are not supposed to be doing"

  13. The machine mainframe where you must go. Where the path of the one ends. Nice line actually Neo was a program himself.

  14. I wonder what it would’ve been like if they would’ve made a alternate ending we’re Neo tells the architect that he will take him up on his offer and rebuild Zion

  15. 0:27 “I know you are not sleeping”…. ‘We’ll get to that”????? 1:31 “how can I trust you”. What would be the point, of asking a person who is lying to you, why they are lying to you? From my own experience, I have found that gaining results from either hard work or fighting, does not guarantee that the results are good or true. Sometimes, once you go down the wrong path, they keep leading you that path. The soldiers who went to Iraq, were held there longer with “stop loss”. Spiders threaten me to remain true to my marriage even though wifey was the one who lied and ran away.

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